First Choice radiologists in QLD

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First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionAddressPhoneWebsite
4000Brisbane Private ImagingRadiology | Spring HillLevel 5, Brisbane Private Hospital, 259 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill QLD 40000738346125Go to website
4000CitiScan Radiology - BrisbaneRadiology | BrisbaneSuite 4, Level 2, 141 Queen Street Brisbane QLD 400007 3160 4331
4006I-MED Radiology - ChermsideRadiology | Herston Herston QLD 40060733264700Go to website
4006I-MED Radiology - HerstonRadiology | Herston Herston QLD 400607 5480 6500Go to website
4006I-MED Radiology - HerstonRadiology | Herston4/49 Butterfield Street Herston QLD 400607 5480 6500Go to website
4006I-MED Radiology Network - Savage RadiologyRadiology | Fortitude Valley16 Doggett Street Fortitude Valley QLD 40060738541088Go to website
4020I-MED Radiology Network Redcliffe HospitalRadiology | RedcliffeRedcliffe Hospital, Anzac Avenue Redcliffe QLD 4020Go to website
4021I-MED Radiology Network - Kippa-RingRadiology | Kippa-Ring292 Anzac Avenue Kippa-Ring QLD 402107 3448 6500Go to website
4032CitiScan Radiology - BrisbaneRadiology | ChermsideLevel 1, Education Centre, St Vincent Private Hospital, 627 Rode Road Chermside QLD 403207 3160 4331
4032I-MED Radiology - ChermsideRadiology | ChermsideChermside Medical Complex, Suite 6, 956 Gympie Rd Chermside QLD 40320733264700Go to website
4032I-MED Radiology Network - Red RadiologyRadiology | Chermside243 Hamilton Road Chermside QLD 4032(07) 3624 2700Go to website
4035I-MED Radiology Network - Albany CreekRadiology | Albany Creek1/25 Ferguson Street Albany Creek QLD 40350735063950Go to website
4060Metro RadiologyRadiology | AshgroveSuite G7-12, 240 Waterworks Road Ashgrove QLD 40600733669123Go to website
4066Wesley Medical Imaging - The Wesley HospitalRadiology | AUCHENFLOWERLevel 2 /30 Chasely Street AUCHENFLOWER QLD 406607 33719588Go to website
4066Wesley Medical Imaging - The Wesley HospitalRadiology | AUCHENFLOWERLevel 2 /30 Chasely Street AUCHENFLOWER QLD 406607 33719588Go to website
4077I-MED Radiology Network - AscotRadiology | Ascot134 Racecourse Road Ascot QLD 40770732628588Go to website
4078I-MED Radiology Network - Forest LakeRadiology | Forest Lake255 Forest Lake Boulevard Forest Lake QLD 40780735486800Go to website
4101I-MED Radiology Network - SOGIRadiology | South Brisbane15 Tribune Street South Brisbane QLD 41010731204200Go to website
4152Oz Radiology Group - CarinaRadiology | Carina799 Old Cleveland Road Carina QLD 415207 3395 3040Go to website
4157Oz Radiology Group - CapalabaRadiology | CapalabaSuite 1, Bayside Medical Precinct, 189 Old Cleveland Road Capalaba QLD 415707 3245 3577Go to website
4170Oz Radiology Group - MorningsideRadiology | MorningsideSuite 2, 611 Wynnum Road Morningside QLD 417007 3395 7277Go to website
4215I-MED Radiology Network - LalorRadiology | SouthportGold Coast Surgery Centre, 103 Nerang Street Southport QLD 421503 9464 8700Go to website
4217I-MED Radiology Network - LalorRadiology | BenowaPindara Hospital, Allchurch Avenue Benowa QLD 421703 9464 8700Go to website
4224I-MED Radiology Network - LalorRadiology | TugunJohn Flynn Hospital, Inland Drive Tugun QLD 422403 9464 8700Go to website
4226I-MED Radiology Network - LalorRadiology | RobinaRobina Hq, Riverwalk Avenue Robina QLD 422603 9464 8700Go to website
4300SmartCare DiagnosticsRadiology | Springfield CentralSuite 1.44 Level 1 Orion Shopping Centre, 1 Main Street Springfield Central QLD 43000734444415
4301I-MED Radiology Network - Redbank PlainsRadiology | Redbank PlainsShop 30, 357-381 Redbank Plains Road Redbank Plains QLD 43010734540200Go to website
4305I-MED Radiology Network - Ipswich - St Andrew's HospitalRadiology | Ipswich2 Pring Street Ipswich QLD 43050734327300Go to website
4305I-MED Radiology Network - YamantoRadiology | YamantoShop 20, Yamanto Shopping Village, 512 Warwick Road Yamanto QLD 4305
4305I-MED Radiology Network Multiplex - Ipswich - MultiplexRadiology | Ipswich1 Pring Street Ipswich QLD 43050734327300Go to website
4500I-MED Radiology Network StrathpineRadiology | Strathpine3/424 Gympie Road Strathpine QLD 45000738812888Go to website
4509I-MED Radiology Network - North LakesRadiology | North Lakes101/6 North Lakes Drive North Lakes QLD 45090730281050Go to website
4510I-MED Radiology Network - Caboolture Super ClinicRadiology | Caboolture23-27 George Street Caboolture QLD 45100754314300Go to website
4510I-MED Radiology Network Caboolture HospitalRadiology | CabooltureMcKean Street Caboolture QLD 45100754983055Go to website
4510I-MED Radiology Network Caboolture Specialist CentreRadiology | Caboolture15 Hasking Street Caboolture QLD 45100754952077Go to website
4551X-Ray & Imaging CaloundraRadiology | Caloundra67 Bowman Road Caloundra QLD 45510754360888Go to website
4551X-Ray & Imaging Golden BeachRadiology | Golden Beach28 Landsborough Pde Golden Beach QLD 45510754375300Go to website
4552X-Ray & Imaging MalenyRadiology | Maleny7/39 Coral Street Maleny QLD 45520754999404Go to website
4556I-MED Radiology Network - Buderim Private Medical ImagingRadiology | Buderim3 Lyrebird Street Buderim QLD 45560753732900Go to website
4556X-Ray & Imaging BeerwahRadiology | Beerwah1/72 Simpson Street Beerwah QLD 45560754136555Go to website
4556X-Ray & Imaging Sippy DownsRadiology | Sippy Downs9 Ochre Way Sippy Downs QLD 45560753510200Go to website
4560I-MED Radiology Network - St Stephen's Medical Imaging - Hervey Bay HospitalRadiology | Maryborough166 John Street Maryborough QLD 45600741212767Go to website
4563X-Ray & Imaging CooroyRadiology | Cooroy50 Maple Street Cooroy QLD 45630754401100Go to website
4567X-Ray & Imaging NoosaRadiology | Noosa2 Lanyana Way Noosa QLD 45670754746677Go to website
4570I-MED Radiology Network - SouthsideRadiology | Gympie21 Exhibition Road Gympie QLD 45700754806480Go to website
4570I-MED Radiology Network GympieRadiology | Gympie8 Henry Street Gympie QLD 45700754821655Go to website
4573X-Ray & Imaging CoolumRadiology | Coolum BeachShop 1, Pacific on Coolum, 17-27 Birtwill Street Coolum Beach QLD 45730754402999Go to website
4575X-Ray & Imaging KawanaRadiology | MinyamaU3/7 Nicklin Way Minyama QLD 45750754584444Go to website
4655I-MED Radiology Network -St Stephen's Medical Imaging - St Stephen's HospitalRadiology | UrraweenSt Stephen's Hospital, Unit 1, 11 Medical Place Urraween QLD 465507 4124 3133Go to website
4670I-MED Radiology Network - Friendly Society Private HospitalRadiology | BundabergFriendly Society Private Hospital, 19 - 23 Bingera Street Bundaberg QLD 46700741312800Go to website
4670I-MED Radiology Network - IWC BundabergRadiology | Walkervale229 Targo Street Walkervale QLD 467007 4131 2800Go to website
4680I-MED Radiology Network - Gladstone Mater HospitalRadiology | GladstoneGladstone Mater Hospital, 50 Rossella Street Gladstone QLD 46800749726544Go to website
4700I-MED Radiology Network - Rockhampton Mater HospitalRadiology | RockhamptonRockhampton Mater Hospital, Spencer Street Rockhampton QLD 47000749310400Go to website
4701I-MED Radiology Network - North RockhamptonRadiology | North RockhamptonShop RS2B, North Rockhampton Stockland, 2/331 Yaamba Road North Rockhampton QLD 47010749310400Go to website
4703I-MED Radiology Network - Yeppoon Mater HospitalRadiology | YeppoonYeppoon Mater Hospital - 55 Cliff Street Yeppoon QLD 47030749391096Go to website
4720I-MED Radiology Network - EmeraldRadiology | Emerald112 Egerton Street Emerald QLD 47200749874500Go to website
4817I-MED Radiology Network - ThuringowaRadiology | Thuringowa12 Hervey Range Road Thuringowa QLD 48170744471666Go to website
4825I-MED Radiology Network - Mount Isa HospitalRadiology | Mount Isa30 Camooweal Street Mount Isa QLD 48250747438244Go to website
4868I-MED Radiology Network - Mt Sheridan X-RayRadiology | Mount SheridanMount Sheridan Plaza. 106 Barnard Drive Mount Sheridan QLD 486807 4036 8600Go to website
4870I-MED Radiology Network - Cairns RadiologyRadiology | Cairns121 Sheridan St Cairns QLD 487007 4042 6850Go to website