First Choice physiotherapists in VIC

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First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionTelehealthAddressPhoneWebsite
3000Era Health (Physio)Physiotherapy | MelbourneLevel 9, 460 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 30000399446200Go to website
3016Symmetry Physiotherapy Williamstown RehabPhysiotherapy | WilliamstownUnit 4/1-5 Akuna Drive Williamstown VIC 30160393694999Go to website
3025Altona Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries CentrePhysiotherapy | Altona North233 Millers Road Altona North VIC 302503 93913072Go to website
3025Symmetry Physiotherapy Altona NorthPhysiotherapy | Altona NorthCnr Mason And Mills Sts Altona North VIC 30250393694999Go to website
3026Life Ready Physio Laverton NorthPhysiotherapy | Laverton North47 Boundary Road Laverton North VIC 30261300 616 165Go to website
3028Symmetry Physiotherapy Altona MeadowsPhysiotherapy | Altona Meadows329 Queen Street Altona Meadows VIC 30280393609744Go to website
3029Symmetry Physiotherapy Hoppers CrossingPhysiotherapy | Hoppers Crossing333 Old Geelong Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 30290393694999Go to website
3030Above and Beyond Physiotherapy Point CookPhysiotherapy | Point Cook110 Boardwalk Boulevard Point Cook VIC 30301300 263 939Go to website
3030Above and Beyond Physiotherapy WerribeePhysiotherapy | Werribee108 Shaws Rd Werribee VIC 30301300 26 3939Go to website
3030Life Ready Physio and Pilates Point CookPhysiotherapy | Point CookShop 17, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, 300 Point Cook Rd Point Cook VIC 30300383230155Go to website
3030Re-Generate PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Point Cook33/ 300 Point Cook Road Point Cook VIC 30300393956333
3030Symmetry Physiotherapy WerribeePhysiotherapy | Werribee236 Hoppers Lane Werribee VIC 30300393694999Go to website
3036Symmetry Physiotherapy Taylors LakesPhysiotherapy | Keilor1/900 Old Calder Hwy Keilor VIC 30360393694999Go to website
3039Back In Motion Moonee PondsPhysiotherapy | Moonee Ponds672 Mount Alexander Road Moonee Ponds VIC 30390393754131
3042Life Ready Physio TullamarinePhysiotherapy | Tullamarine115/189E S Centre Road Tullamarine VIC 30421300 616 165Go to website
3044Kine-sio Physiotherapy & Pilates @ Melville Medical ClinicPhysiotherapy | Pascoe Vale South6 Melville Road Pascoe Vale South VIC 304493863409Go to website
3046Glenroy Physiotherapy CentrePhysiotherapy | Glenroy840 Pascoe Vale Road Glenroy VIC 304693060379Go to website
3056Northern Orthopaedic PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Brunswick260 Moreland Rd Brunswick VIC 305603 93853050
3058Kinesio PhysioPhysiotherapy | Coburg3/136-144 Bell Street Coburg VIC 30580426775381Go to website
3072Back In Motion PrestonPhysiotherapy | Preston489 High Street Preston VIC 307203 9038 8111Go to website
3072Preston PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Preston649 High Street Preston VIC 30720390424160Go to website
3076Epping PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | EppingShop B009a, 583 High Street Epping VIC 307603 8405 3404Go to website
3078Atlas PhysioPhysiotherapy | Fairfield254 Darebin Rd Fairfield VIC 30780400174015Go to website
3078Back In Motion AlphingtonPhysiotherapy | Alphington731 Heidelberg Road Alphington VIC 30780394996336Go to website
3078PhysioLife AlphingtonPhysiotherapy | Alphington32 Wingrove Street Alphington VIC 307803 9499 7776Go to website
3081PhysioLife HeidelbergPhysiotherapy | Heidelberg Heights467 Upper Heidelberg Road Heidelberg Heights VIC 308103 9459 5849Go to website
3095Preeminent PhysioPhysiotherapy | Eltham2/127 Bolton Street Eltham VIC 30950394314166Go to website
3101Capital Physiotherapy BalwynPhysiotherapy | Deepdene55 Whitehorse Road Deepdene VIC 31010406 067 105Go to website
3104Balwyn North Chiropractic CentrePhysiotherapy | Balwyn North1128 Burke Rd Balwyn North VIC 310403 9859 0935Go to website
3105PhysioLife BulleenPhysiotherapy | Bulleen2/22 Manningham Road Bulleen VIC 310503 9459 5849Go to website
3107Top To Toe Health- Manningham Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Lower Templestowe268 Manningham Road Lower Templestowe VIC 310798507720Go to website
3107Wellnest HealthPhysiotherapy | Templestowe Lower603/200 High Street Templestowe Lower VIC 31070417228668Go to website
3113PhysioLife WarrandytePhysiotherapy | Warrandyte2 Trezise Street Warrandyte VIC 311303 9844 1566Go to website
3121Back In Motion RichmondPhysiotherapy | Richmond298 Swan St Richmond VIC 31210394277474Go to website
3121Richmond Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Richmond361 Church Street Richmond VIC 312103 9428 8862Go to website
3122Back In Motion HawthornPhysiotherapy | Hawthorn626 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn VIC 31220398185454Go to website
3125Specialists @ BurwoodPhysiotherapy | Burwood367 Warrigal Road Burwood VIC 31250398081842Go to website
3128Box Hill Central PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Box HillFloor 1, 938 Whitehorse Road Box Hill VIC 31280390200818Go to website
3132BodyMotion PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Mitcham216 Mitcham Road Mitcham VIC 31320398733333Go to website
3135Ringwood East Spinal and Sports PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Ringwood East68 Railway Avenue Ringwood East VIC 31350398794544Go to website
3141Capital Physiotherapy FootscrayPhysiotherapy | Footscray59 Hopkins St Footscray VIC 314103 9687 2544Go to website
3142Symmetry Physiotherapy WilliamstownPhysiotherapy | Toorak76 Douglas Pde Toorak VIC 31420391350925Go to website
3150Wheelers Hill PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Wheelers HillG13, 202 Jells Rd Wheelers Hill VIC 31500395604959Go to website
3152Back In Motion Wantirna SouthPhysiotherapy | Wantirna South432 Burwood Highway Wantirna South VIC 31520398011500Go to website
3160Back In Motion TecomaPhysiotherapy | Tecoma1574 Burwood Hwy Tecoma VIC 31600397548772Go to website
3161Body MovesPhysiotherapy | Caulfield North107 Hawthorn Road Caulfield North VIC 31610395235222Go to website
3168Back In Motion ClaytonPhysiotherapy | Clayton251 Clayton Road Clayton VIC 316803 9544 8815Go to website
3175Dandenong Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Dandenong137 Cleeland Street Dandenong VIC 31750397922200Go to website
3175Polytek Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | DandenongRoom 14, 56-58 Stud Road Dandenong VIC 31750397932688
3181The Avenue Physiotherapy CentrePhysiotherapy | Prahran311-315 High Street Prahran VIC 318103 9510 8999Go to website
3192Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy CheltenhamPhysiotherapy | Cheltenham159 Centre Dandenong Road Cheltenham VIC 31920395846919Go to website
3194Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre MentonePhysiotherapy | Mentone131-133 Lower Dandenong Road Mentone VIC 319403 9584 2000Go to website
3195Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy MordiallocPhysiotherapy | Mordialloc4-6 Mc Donald St Mordialloc VIC 31950395846919Go to website
3198Beachbox Physiotherapy SeafordPhysiotherapy | Seaford133 Nepean Highway Seaford VIC 319803 9036 7700Go to website
3201Trinity Physiotherapy & Lifestyle MedicinePhysiotherapy | Carrum Downs12 Nike Court Carrum Downs VIC 32010490545677Go to website
3223St Leonards Physio by the BayPhysiotherapy | St Leonards1 Mouchemore Avenue St Leonards VIC 322303 52571832Go to website
3400Horsham Physiotherapy and PodiatryPhysiotherapy | Horsham157a Baillie St Horsham VIC 34000353822430Go to website
3429Evans Street PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | SunburyRear 79 Evans Street Sunbury VIC 34290397441204
3431Riddells Creek PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Riddells Creek9 Station Street Riddells Creek VIC 34310354287591
3677Flex Out Physiotherapy WangarattaPhysiotherapy | Wangaratta19B Norton Street Wangaratta VIC 36770357475422Go to website
3690Flex Out Physiotherapy WodongaPhysiotherapy | Wodonga224-228 Beechworth Road Wodonga VIC 36900260232831Go to website
3722Mansfield Physiotherapy @ Mansfield Medical CentrePhysiotherapy | Mansfield49 Highett Street Mansfield VIC 3722Go to website
3723Mansfield Physiotherapy @ Central General PracticePhysiotherapy | Mansfield38 Highett St Mansfield VIC 3723Go to website
3737Flex Out Physiotherapy MyrtlefordPhysiotherapy | Myrtleford190 Myrtle Street Myrtleford VIC 37370260232831Go to website
3747Flex Out Physiotherapy BeechworthPhysiotherapy | Beechworth39 Camp Street Beechworth VIC 37470260232831Go to website
3806PhysioFit BerwickPhysiotherapy | Berwick197 High Street Berwick VIC 38060397074452
3806[email protected] Casey SuperclinicPhysiotherapy | Berwick50 Kangan Drive Berwick VIC 380603 9707 4452Go to website
3915Animate PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Hastings11 Cedar Drive Hastings VIC 39150401 109 848Go to website
3926Back In Motion BalnarringPhysiotherapy | BalnarringShop 6 2-8 Russell Street Balnarring VIC 39260359831021Go to website
3976Complete Care Physio Health GroupPhysiotherapy | Hampton Park11 Stuart Avenue Hampton Park VIC 39760387875555Go to website
3977Beachbox Physiotherapy Cranbourne WestPhysiotherapy | Cranbourne West10/95 Monanhans Road Cranbourne West VIC 397703 5995 4988Go to website