First Choice physiotherapists in NT, SA, TAS & WA

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First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionTelehealthAddressPhoneWebsite
Mani Physiotherapy North AdelaidePhysiotherapy | North AdelaideAMA House, Level 2, Suite 8A, 161 Ward Street North Adelaide SA 0405333773Go to website
0810The NT Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | CasuarinaAlexandria Chambers, 293b Trower Rd Casuarina NT 081008 89279334Go to website
5000City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury ClinicPhysiotherapy | AdelaideLevel 6/108 King William Street Adelaide SA 50000882124886Go to website
5000City Physiotherapy GymnasiumPhysiotherapy | Adelaide81 King William Street Adelaide SA 50000882124886Go to website
5000Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio City EastPhysiotherapy | Adelaide179 Halifax Street Adelaide SA 50000882236372Go to website
5000Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio Adelaide CBDPhysiotherapy | AdelaideLevel 3 55 Gawler Place Adelaide SA 50000882118855Go to website
5007Inertia Health HindmarshPhysiotherapy | Hindmarsh334 Port Rd Hindmarsh SA 50070883592022Go to website
5009Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio BeverleyPhysiotherapy | Beverley131-133 Grange Road Beverley SA 50090883463444Go to website
5019Back In Motion SemaphorePhysiotherapy | Exeter160 Semaphore Road Exeter SA 50190883415400Go to website
5022Physio @ GrangePhysiotherapy | Grange12 Jetty Street Grange SA 50220882359433
5022Return to Perform PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Henley Beach2a/528 Grange Road Henley Beach SA 502208 7120 7288Go to website
5024SportsPhysioSAPhysiotherapy | West Beach707 Burbridge Road West Beach SA 502408 8356 6965Go to website
5025Health on Grange PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Flinders Park256 Grange Road Flinders Park SA 502508 8443 4613Go to website
5031Physio Factory ThebartonPhysiotherapy | Thebarton105 South Rd Thebarton SA 50310402210965Go to website
5031PhysioWest Mile EndPhysiotherapy | Mile End123 Henley Beach Road Mile End SA 50310883523582Go to website
5033Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio PlymptonPhysiotherapy | MarlestonSuite 3 267 Marion Road Marleston SA 50330882977922Go to website
5034Motion Theory PhysioPhysiotherapy | Clarence Park296A Goodwood Road Clarence Park SA 50340870992289Go to website
5034Physiocare 360Physiotherapy | Clarence ParkSuite 3 360 Cross Road Clarence Park SA 50340882971169Go to website
5039Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Melrose ParkPhysiotherapy | Melrose Park166 Daws Road Melrose Park SA 50390882776258Go to website
5039Primecare Physiotherapy and PilatesPhysiotherapy | Clarence Gardens909 South Road Clarence Gardens SA 5039(08)8297-3266Go to website
5045Bay Chambers Physiotherapy and Sports Injury ClinicPhysiotherapy | Glenelg6 Gordon St Glenelg SA 504508 83760996Go to website
5048Back In Motion BrightonPhysiotherapy | Brighton524 Brighton Road Brighton SA 50480882961755Go to website
5048Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio MarionPhysiotherapy | Dover Gardens153 Sturt Rd Dover Gardens SA 50480883771000Go to website
5063Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio ParksidePhysiotherapy | Parkside2/257 Fullarton Road Parkside SA 50630870798323Go to website
5063Yates PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Fullarton123 Fisher St Fullarton SA 50631800055749
5066Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio BurnsidePhysiotherapy | Hazelwood Park10/539 Greenhill Road Hazelwood Park SA 50660883318673Go to website
5067Physio Factory Kent TownPhysiotherapy | Kent Town40 North Terrace Kent Town SA 50670402210965Go to website
5069Next Step Physio ClinicPhysiotherapy | Stepney68 Nelson Street Stepney SA 50690883621426Go to website
5072Dreamself Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Rosslyn Park460 The Parade Rosslyn Park SA 50720423225593Go to website
5074Back In Motion CampbelltownPhysiotherapy | Campbelltown633A Lower North East Rd Campbelltown SA 50740883657966Go to website
5074Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio CampbelltownPhysiotherapy | Campbelltown506 Lower North East Road Campbelltown SA 50740870780343Go to website
5076Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio NewtonPhysiotherapy | Newton8 Stradbroke Road Newton SA 50760870780344Go to website
5082Back In Motion ProspectPhysiotherapy | ProspectUnit 1, 74 Prospect Road Prospect SA 508208 8269 3800Go to website
5082Prospect Physiotherapy and Health Plus ClinicPhysiotherapy | Prospect133 Churchill Road Prospect SA 508208 8344 8484Go to website
5082SpineX Physiotherapy Florey HealthcarePhysiotherapy | Prospect3 Pulsford Rd Prospect SA 50820883441266Go to website
5086PosturePro PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | GreenacresSuite 8, 132 Muller Road Greenacres SA 50860882610177Go to website
5088My Physio My Health - Holden HillPhysiotherapy | Holden Hill732-734 North East Road Holden Hill SA 508808 8266 7333Go to website
5088Physio Factory Holden HillPhysiotherapy | Holden Hill738 North East Rd Holden Hill SA 50880402210965Go to website
5093Back In Motion Valley ViewPhysiotherapy | Valley ViewShop 6/901 Grand Junction Rd Valley View SA 50930882655859Go to website
5095SpineX Physiotherapy FloreyPhysiotherapy | Pooraka128-138 Bridge Rd Pooraka SA 50950882584736Go to website
5098INGLEVIEW PHYSIOTHERAPYPhysiotherapy | Ingle Farm23 Roopena Street Ingle Farm SA 509808 82636616Go to website
5108Mani Physiotherapy SalisburyPhysiotherapy | Salisbury16 Frost Road Salisbury SA 51080405333773Go to website
5108PhysioWest SalisburyPhysiotherapy | Salsibury53 Park Terrace Salsibury SA 51080883523582Go to website
5109SpineX Physiotherapy Cross Key Medical CentrePhysiotherapy | Brahma Lodge52 Cross Keys Rd Brahma Lodge SA 51090882584736Go to website
5125My Local Physio Plus Golden GrovePhysiotherapy | Golden GroveThe Stables S/C, 1495-1497 Golden Grove Road Golden Grove SA 51250873256600Go to website
5125SpineX Physiotherapy Modbury North Medical CentrePhysiotherapy | Modbury North8 Deborah Grove Modbury North SA 51250882647824Go to website
5126My Local Physio Plus Fairview ParkPhysiotherapy | Fairview Park341 Hancock Road Fairview Park SA 512608 73256600Go to website
5126Surrey Downs Physiotherapy and Sports Injury ClinicPhysiotherapy | Surrey Downs246-264 Grenfell Road Surrey Downs SA 51260882887699Go to website
5158PhysioXtra Hallett CovePhysiotherapy | Hallett Cove1/1 Zwerner Drive Hallett Cove SA 51580883872155Go to website
5159Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Aberfoyle ParkPhysiotherapy | Aberfoyle ParkSuite 4, The Hub Prof Center, Christie Way Aberfoyle Park SA 51590883586500Go to website
5162Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Morphett ValePhysiotherapy | Morphett Vale188 Main South Road Morphett Vale SA 51620883821180Go to website
5165Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Christies BeachPhysiotherapy | Christies Beach50 Beach Road Christies Beach SA 51650881862277Go to website
5167Saltfleet ClinicPhysiotherapy | Port Noarlunga15 Saltfleet Street Port Noarlunga SA 51670881861963Go to website
5169PhysioXtra SeafordPhysiotherapy | Seaford Heights6/44 Robinson Road Seaford Heights SA 51690871232154Go to website
5173Aldinga Physiotherapy and RehabPhysiotherapy | AldingaShop 5, 8 Old Coach Road Aldinga SA 51730882579177Go to website
5211Pt Elliot PhysioPhysiotherapy | Port Elliot39 North Tce Port Elliot SA 521108 85542530
5211Victor Harbor Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Victor Harbor17 Victoria Street Victor Harbor SA 521108 85522853Go to website
5253SpineX Physiotherapy Bridgeview Family PracticePhysiotherapy | Murray Bridge3-5 Bridge Street Murray Bridge SA 52530885725897Go to website
5260SpineX Physiotherapy Murrylands CentrePhysiotherapy | Tailem Bend70 Princes Hwy Tailem Bend SA 52600885725897Go to website
6006Beatty Park PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | North Perth220 Vincent Street North Perth WA 60060892275665Go to website
6006Physiologix North PerthPhysiotherapy | North Perth326 Fitzgerald Street North Perth WA 60060450075955Go to website
6010Lifecare Claremont PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Claremont3 Davies Road Claremont WA 601008 9284 4151Go to website
6011Lifecare Cottesloe PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | CottesloeShop 42, 460 Stirling Highway Cottesloe WA 601108 93843269Go to website
6014Life Ready Physio FloreatPhysiotherapy | FloreatShop 4,1 Howtree Place Floreat WA 60140862801090Go to website
6016Energise Physio Mount HawthornPhysiotherapy | Mount Hawthorn3/221 Scarborough Beach Road Mount Hawthorn WA 60160416469467
6019Life Ready Physio ScarboroughPhysiotherapy | ScarboroughUnit 1, 203 West Coast Highway Scarborough WA 60190865003228Go to website
6020Marmion PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | MarmionSuite 6, 9-11 Sheppard Way Marmion WA 60200894486588Go to website
6023Duncraig Physio & Pilates ClinicPhysiotherapy | Duncraig20 Burragah Way Duncraig WA 6023(08) 9246 9955Go to website
6024Life Ready Physio WarwickPhysiotherapy | Warwick585 Beach Road Warwick WA 60240861688564Go to website
6024Warwick PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Warwick8/26 Dugdale Street Warwick WA 602408 9243 3099Go to website
6025Move Forward Hillarys PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | HillarysShop 45, 470 Whitfords Ave Hillarys WA 602508 9403 3884Go to website
6027Arena Joondalup PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | JoondalupHbf Arena, 25 Kennedya Dr Joondalup WA 60270893011600Go to website
6027Belridge PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | BeldonSuite 11, 265 Eddystone Avenue Beldon WA 60270893072133Go to website
6027Joondalup Gate PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | EdgewaterSt John's Medical Centre Edgewater WA 602708 93009663Go to website
6027Lifecare Joondalup PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Unit 1. 10 Reid PromenadeUnit 1. 10 Reid Promenade Unit 1. 10 Reid Promenade WA 602708 93014711Go to website
6027Lifecare Prendiville PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Ocean ReefUnit 4 , 4 Prendiville Avenue Ocean Reef WA 602708 9300 8022Go to website
6028Move Forward Currambine PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Currambine2/4 Hobson Gate Currambine WA 602808 9304 1120Go to website
6028Move Forward Kinross PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Kinross2/59 Kinross Drive Kinross WA 602808 9305 6261Go to website
6028Move Forward Shenton PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Currambine3a/94 Delamere Ave Currambine WA 602808 6365 3261Go to website
6030Move Forward Ocean Keys PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | ClarksonUnit 2, 5 Ebb Way Clarkson WA 603008 9408 5400Go to website
6030Move Forward Quinns PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Quinns Rocks2/10 Mindarie Drive Quinns Rocks WA 603008 9305 0000Go to website
6035Move Forward Yanchep PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Yanchep4/105 Lindsay Beach Blvd Yanchep WA 603508 9561 1782Go to website
6036Life Ready Physio and Pilates ButlerPhysiotherapy | ButlerShop 1B, Butler Central S/C, Corner Exmouth Drive And Butler Boulevard Butler WA 60360895443822Go to website
6036Move Forward Butler PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Butler175/3 Butler Blvd Butler WA 603608 9562 5417Go to website
6036Move Forward Jindalee PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Jindalee21/6 Jindalee Blvd Jindalee WA 6036089562 4720Go to website
6038Move Forward Alkimos PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Alkimos2/3 Bulwark Avenue Alkimos WA 603808 9563 1500Go to website
6038Move Forward Gateway PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Alkimos1, 15 Graceful Blvd Alkimos WA 603808 9502 9766Go to website
6053Central Physio BayswaterPhysiotherapy | Bayswater437 Guildford Road Bayswater WA 60530893906461Go to website
6061Back In Motion BalcattaPhysiotherapy | Westminster2/386 Wanneroo Road Westminster WA 606108 9908 9100Go to website
6065Lifecare Kingsway PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | MadeleyCnr. Wanneroo Road & Hepburn Ave Madeley WA 606508 9409 3993Go to website
6065Move Forward Hocking PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Hocking16/176 Nicholas Drive Hocking WA 606508 9405 7800Go to website
6065Move Forward Pearsall PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Pearsall4/155 Willespie Dr Pearsall WA 606508 9304 1120Go to website
6090PhysioLogix - MalagaPhysiotherapy | Malaga1/1966 Beach Road Malaga WA 60900450075955Go to website
6103Life Ready BiosymmPhysiotherapy | Rivervale117B Great Eastern Highway Rivervale WA 610308 6104 2626Go to website
6103Rivervale Physiotherapy ClinicPhysiotherapy | Rivervale111 Orrong Road Rivervale WA 6103(08) 93614041Go to website
6107Apex Physiotherapy- CanningtonPhysiotherapy | Beckenham18B/ 1480-1490 Albany Highway Beckenham WA 610708 6558 0900Go to website
6107Life Ready Physio CanningtonPhysiotherapy | CanningtonWestfield Carousel Shop 1236a, 1382 Albany Highway Cannington WA 61076168 9850Go to website
6109Apex Physiotherapy- MaddingtonPhysiotherapy | Maddington9 Blackburn Street Maddington WA 6109(08) 6117 5300Go to website
6112Rejuvenate Physio ArmadalePhysiotherapy | Armadale55 Church Ave Armadale WA 611208 9399 5777Go to website
6112Rejuvenate Physio Seville GrovePhysiotherapy | Seville Grove240 Seville Drive Seville Grove WA 611208 94981099Go to website
6155Apex Physiotherapy- Canning ValePhysiotherapy | Canning Vale21/ 3 South Street Canning Vale WA 615508 9456 2911Go to website
6155Lifecare Willetton PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Willetton58 Burrendah Boulevard Willetton WA 615508 9310 5358Go to website
6157Apex Physiotherapy- BictonPhysiotherapy | Bicton103 Harris Street Bicton WA 61570893193632Go to website
6157Life Ready Physio BictonPhysiotherapy | BictonLevel 1, 1 Westbury Cres Bicton WA 61570863134010Go to website
6157Lifecare Point Walter PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Bicton322-324 Canning Hwy Bicton WA 615708 9438 3444Go to website
6160Lifecare Fremantle PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Fremantle2/91 Hampton Road Fremantle WA 616008 9335 7733
6160Lifecare Satellite Clinic SFFCPhysiotherapy | FremantleCorner William and Parry Street Fremantle WA 616008 9335 7733Go to website
6163Apex Physiotherapy- Hamilton HillPhysiotherapy | Hamilton Hill13/1 Simms Road Hamilton Hill WA 616308 9331 8891Go to website
6163Lifecare Phoenix PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Spearwood3/223 Rockingham Road Spearwood WA 616308 9434 3660Go to website
6164Lifecare Cockburn PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy | Cockburn Central31 Veterans Parade Cockburn Central WA 616408 9417 3733Go to website
6168Life Ready Physio RockinghamPhysiotherapy | RockinghamHunsdon House Unit 3, 11 Council Avenue Rockingham WA 616808 9500 6743Go to website
6280Life Ready Physio and Pilates BusseltonPhysiotherapy | Busselton2/90 West Street Busselton WA 6280(08) 9788 6105Go to website
7000New Town Physiotherapy and Sports Injury CentrePhysiotherapy | North Hobart7 Wilson Street North Hobart TAS 700003 62345888
7248Mowbray Physiotherapy ServicesPhysiotherapy | Mowbray268 Invermay Road Mowbray TAS 72480363266999Go to website