First Choice general practitioners in VIC

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First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionTelehealthAddressPhoneWebsite
214Myhealth CorioGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CorioShop MM01 Corio Shopping Centre, Bacchus Marsh Road & Purnell Road Corio VIC 2140399990702Go to website
3000Doctor Doctor - Melbourne (After Hours Doctors)General Practitioner (GP) | Melbourne Melbourne VIC 3000132660Go to website
3000Era HealthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneLevel 9, 460 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 30000399446200Go to website
3000La Trobe St MedicalGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneShop 152, Level 1 Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 3000
3000Melbourne Student Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneLevel 1, 253 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 30000390052118Go to website
3000MyClinic Bourke Street MallGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneShop 108, 283-297 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 30000396505630Go to website
3000MyClinic MelbourneGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Melbourne91 William Street Melbourne VIC 30000396205299Go to website
3000MyClinic QVGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneShop 1-51 QV, Cnr Lonsdale and Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 30000396634517Go to website
3000Paramount Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneUpper Level, Suite 4-5 The Paramount Centre, 108 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 30000386278500Go to website
3000Swanston Street Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MelbourneLevel 3, 255 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 30000392057500Go to website
3000William Angliss Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Melbourne555 La Trobe Street Melbourne VIC 30000396062208Go to website
3003Vita Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | West Melbourne375 King Street West Melbourne VIC 30030391936221Go to website
3006MyClinic SouthbankGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Southbank63 Power Street Southbank VIC 30060391314210Go to website
3011Footscray Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Footscray39 Leeds Street Footscray VIC 30110396871144
3011Millennium Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | FootscrayMetrowest Shopping Centre, Cnr Paisley St & Albert St Footscray VIC 30110396878633Go to website
3011SIA Medical Centre FootscrayGeneral Practitioner (GP) | FootscrayLevel 1/190 Barkly Street Footscray VIC 30110385388111Go to website
3012Maidstone Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Maidstone191 Ballarat Road Maidstone VIC 30120393181881
3020Central Health ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Sunshine West134 Durham Road Sunshine West VIC 30200393102389Go to website
3020Hoppers SuperClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hoppers Crossing Hoppers Crossing VIC 3020Go to website
3021Assure Health Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St AlbansSHOP 1 & 2 ST ALBANS TRAIN STATION, 35 MAIN RD WEST ST St Albans VIC 30210390021018Go to website
3021Kealba Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | KealbaCnr Sage & Sunshine Avenue Kealba VIC 30210383127100Go to website
3021Kings Medical CenterGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Kings Park149 Kings Road Kings Park VIC 302103 90781558Go to website
3021Main Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St Albans251 A Main Road West St Albans VIC 302103 93675062
3021St Albans Complete Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St Albans390-392 Main Road West St Albans VIC 30210895674648Go to website
3021St Luke Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St Albans97 Main Road East St Albans VIC 30210393645855
3021Station Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St Albans19/1-3 PRINCESS STREET St Albans VIC 30210393669949Go to website
3023Brimbank Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Deer ParkT57 Brimbank Shopping Centre, Neale Road Deer Park VIC 30230393604172Go to website
3023One West Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Cairnlea1 Furlong Road Cairnlea VIC 302303 8842 2100Go to website
3023Tristar Medical Group - Deer ParkGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Deer Park1/20 Claireview Road Deer Park VIC 30230383617189Go to website
3024Wyndhamvale Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Wyndham Vale127 Ballan Road Wyndham Vale VIC 30240397425148
3027Our Medical Home Williams LandingGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Williams LandingGround Floor, 111 Overton Rd Williams Landing VIC 30270390084222Go to website
3029Addis Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hoppers Crossing61-63 Heaths Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 30290397495555
3029Derrimut Road Health ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tarneit412 Derrimut Road Tarneit VIC 30290387422088Go to website
3029Leakes Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Trugania4-5/475 Leakes Road Trugania VIC 30290383965790Go to website
3029MyClinic - Hoppers CrossingGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hoppers CrossingShop 10, 150 Hogans Road Hoppers Crossing VIC 30290397496622Go to website
3029MyClinic - TarneitGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tarneit412 Derrimut Road Tarneit VIC 302903 8742 2088Go to website
3029Q1 Medical - Hoppers CrossingGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hoppers Crossing286-288 Derrimut Rd Hoppers Crossing VIC 30290387542828Go to website
3029Riverdale HealthplusGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tarneit1/200 Hummingbird Blvd Tarneit VIC 302903 8001 7077Go to website
3029Supernova Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tarneit14 Lavinia Drive Tarneit VIC 30290388665544Go to website
3029Tarneit Central Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | TarneitShop 14/450 Derrimut Rd Tarneit VIC 302903 9131 5800Go to website
3029Tarneit Family Medical and Dental CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tarneit937-941 Sayers Road Tarneit VIC 3029Go to website
3030Derrimut MedicalsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | DerrimutShop 14-20 Mt Derrimut Road Derrimut VIC 30300383902526Go to website
3030MyClinic - TarneitGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee108 Shaws Rd Werribee VIC 303003 8742 2088Go to website
3030MyClinic Werribee CentralGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee69-71 Watton Street Werribee VIC 30300397417000Go to website
3030MyClinic Werribee VillageGeneral Practitioner (GP) | WerribeeShop 10, 167-179 Shaws Road Werribee VIC 30300387423002Go to website
3030Myhealth Point CookGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Point CookTenancy 1A and 1B, 225-229 Sneydes Road Point Cook VIC 30300388422880Go to website
3030Q1 Medical - WerribeeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee117-119 Princes Hwy Werribee VIC 30300387542888Go to website
3030Q1 Medical - WerribeeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee117-119 Princes Hwy Werribee VIC 30300387542888Go to website
3030Werribee Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee108 Shaws Rd Werribee VIC 3030
3030Wyndham Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Werribee233 Heaths Road Werribee VIC 30300397492766Go to website
3032Edgewater Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Maribyrnong46 Edgewater Road Maribyrnong VIC 30320393177777Go to website
3032M3 Health Ascot ValeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Ascot Vale63-65 Union Road Ascot Vale VIC 30320393262098Go to website
3032Q1 Medical - MaribyrnongGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MaribyrnongHighpoint Shopping Centre, 120-200 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong VIC 30320393173877Go to website
3032Q1 Medical - MaribyrnongGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MaribyrnongHighpoint Shopping Centre, 120-200 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong VIC 30320393173877Go to website
3033Centreway Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Keilor East234 Milleara Road Keilor East VIC 30330393310300Go to website
3033Lincolnville Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Keilor East2/5 McFarlane Street Keilor East VIC 30330393372200Go to website
3036Calder Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Keilor2 Melville Close Keilor VIC 30360393364755Go to website
3036Keilor Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Keilor Downs8-12 Copernicus Way Keilor Downs VIC 30360394494655Go to website
3037Aspire Medical and Skin CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hillside (vic), Vic, 30377/1 Sanctuary Road Hillside (vic), Vic, 3037 VIC 303703 8390 9500Go to website
3037Taylors Hill Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Taylors HillsShop 1, Taylors Hill Shopping Village, Cnr of Gourlay Road and Hume Drive Taylors Hills VIC 30370383615655Go to website
3038Watergardens Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Taylors LakeShop 101, 399 Melton Highway Taylors Lake VIC 30380394493636Go to website
3039Future Health Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Moonee Ponds142 Maribyrnong Road Moonee Ponds VIC 30390390786259Go to website
3039Netcare Medical Family Super ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Moonee Ponds122 Puckle Street Moonee Ponds VIC 30390399758745Go to website
3042First Point MedicalsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | NiddrieShop 2, 326 Keilor Road Niddrie VIC 30420383832351Go to website
3042McNamara ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Airport West75 McNamara Ave Airport West VIC 304203 9330 1444Go to website
3042Myhealth Airport WestGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Airport WestShop 1/7, Westfield Airport West, 29-35 Louis Street Airport West VIC 30420393383121Go to website
3046Glenroy Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glenroy1 Post Office Place Glenroy VIC 30460393068688Go to website
3046Glenroy Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glenroy1 Post Office Place Glenroy VIC 30460393068688Go to website
3047DPV Health Medical & Dental Centre - BroadmeadowsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Broadmeadows42-48 Coleraine Street Broadmeadows VIC 30471300 234 263Go to website
3047Pascoe Vale Rd Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | BroadmeadowsShop 12, 1100 Pascoe Vale Road Broadmeadows VIC 30470393099833Go to website
3047Wells Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Dallas176 Blair Street Dallas VIC 30470393021580Go to website
3053Myhealth CarltonGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CarltonSuite 7, Level 1, 380 Lygon Street Carlton VIC 30530393477711Go to website
3056Brunswick Betta HealthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Brunswick30 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 30560383885200Go to website
3056Brunswick Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Brunswick355 Sydney Road Brunswick VIC 30560393871661
3056Victoria Street Medical GroupGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Brunswick318 Victoria Street Brunswick VIC 30560385603040Go to website
3058Coburg Family Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CoburgCnr Sydney Road & Bell Street Coburg VIC 30580393544042
3058Coburg Junction Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CoburgLevel 1 / 501 Sydney Road Coburg VIC 3058
3058Coburg Medical & DentalGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Coburg102 Bell Street Coburg VIC 30580393506234
3058Doctors of Coburg NorthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Coburg NorthCoburg North Village Shopping Centre, 120 Sussex Street Coburg North VIC 30580393547050Go to website
3058North Coburg Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | North CoburgLevel1 11-17 Orvieto Street North Coburg VIC 30580393541186Go to website
3058St Kyrollos Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Coburg2 A Moore Street Coburg VIC 30580393860900Go to website
3060Fawkner Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Fawkner1274 Sydney Road Fawkner VIC 30600393571199
3064Family Health Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Craigieburn180 Craigieburn Road Craigieburn VIC 30640383891111Go to website
3064Hanson Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Craigieburn1 Hanson Road Craigieburn VIC 30640393055555Go to website
3068Fitzroy North DoctorsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Fitzroy NorthLevel 1, 175 Holden Street Fitzroy North VIC 30680394810000Go to website
3068TLC Primary Care - Clifton HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Fitzroy North217 - 241 Queens Parade Fitzroy North VIC 306803 8638 9200Go to website
3072Preston Market Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Preston431 High Street Preston VIC 30720394788893
3073Reservoir Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Reservoir4 Edwardes Street Reservoir VIC 30730494694944
3073Summerhill Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | ReservoirShop 18A, 830 Plentry Road Reservoir VIC 30730394713788
3074Netcare Medical - ThomastownGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Thomastown6 Main Street Thomastown VIC 30740399758745Go to website
3074The Boulevard Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Thomastown24 The Boulevard Thomastown VIC 30740394662566
3075Lalor Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Lalor290 Station Street Lalor VIC 30750394656661Go to website
3076Epping ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Epping2 Melba St Epping VIC 307603 94012095
3076O'Herns Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Epping62A Manor House Drive Epping VIC 30760394086333Go to website
3076Tristar Medical Group - EppingGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Epping230 Cooper Street Epping VIC 30760384011777Go to website
3076Vital Medical Centre EppingGeneral Practitioner (GP) | EppingUnit 12/355-371 Dalton Rd Epping VIC 307603 70350242Go to website
3078Fairfield City Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Fairfield130 Station Street Fairfield VIC 30780394866833
3082Alpha Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mill Park3 Blossom Park Drive Mill Park VIC 30820394044888Go to website
3082DPV Health Medical Centre - Mill ParkGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mill Park20 Civic Drive Mill Park VIC 3082Go to website
3082Melbourne Medical and Dental ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MillparkShop 4-5, 30A Oleander Drive Millpark VIC 308203 9436 8575Go to website
3082Mill Park Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mill ParkShop 40, Stables Shopping Centre, 314-360 Childs Road Mill Park VIC 30820384324100Go to website
3083Liu Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bundoora1396 Plenty Road Bundoora VIC 30830394677999
3083Polaris Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bundoora32 Copernicus Crescent Bundoora VIC 30830392273300Go to website
3083TLC Primary Care - Altona NorthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Altona North385 Blackshaws Road Altona North VIC 308303 9944 6300Go to website
3086La Trobe University Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | BundooraPlenty Road Bundoora VIC 30860394738885Go to website
3101Kew City Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | KewShop 1/251 High Street Kew VIC 31010398539000Go to website
3106Templestowe District Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Templestowe40 Anderson Street Templestowe VIC 31060398148000Go to website
3108Myhealth DoncasterGeneral Practitioner (GP) | DoncasterSuite 1001 619 Doncaster Road Doncaster VIC 310803 8080 1218Go to website
3108Myhealth DoncasterGeneral Practitioner (GP) | DoncasterSuite 1001, Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road Doncaster VIC 310803 8080 1218Go to website
3109Blackburn Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Doncaster East278-280 Blackburn Road Doncaster East VIC 31090388415500Go to website
3111TLC Primary Care - DonvaleGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Donvale39 - 41 Mitcham Road Donvale VIC 311103 8841 8200Go to website
3122Swinburne Health ServiceGeneral Practitioner (GP) | HawthornThe George Swinburne Building, Level 4, 34 Wakefield Street Hawthorn VIC 31220392148483Go to website
3124Camberwell Medical GroupGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Camberwell566 Riversdale Road Camberwell VIC 31240398357611Go to website
3124MyClinic CamberwellGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Camberwell622-624 Burke Road Camberwell VIC 31240398820055Go to website
3125Burwood Health CareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Burwood400 Burwood Highway Burwood VIC 312503 9888 8177Go to website
3125Deakin University Medical Centre - BurwoodGeneral Practitioner (GP) | BurwoodBuilding B, Level 2, 221 Burwood Highway Burwood VIC 31250392445577Go to website
3125Dr Susan SchlichtGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Burwood303 Warrigal Road Burwood VIC 31250398083988Go to website
3125SIA Medical BurwoodGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Burwood140 Burwood Highway Burwood VIC 31250385386111
3128Box Hill SuperclinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Box HillGround Floor, 810 Whitehorse Road Box Hill VIC 312803 9899 8668Go to website
3128MyHealth Box HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Box HillSP003 Box Hill Central, 1 Main Street Box Hill VIC 3128Go to website
3128MyHealth Box HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Box HillSP003 Box Hill Central, 1 Main Street Box Hill VIC 3128Go to website
3128Sia Medical Box HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Box HillLevel 1, 938 Whitehorse Road Box Hill VIC 31280390200818Go to website
3131Forest Hill Chase Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Forest HillShop MMO1/2B Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, 270 Canterbury Rd Forest Hill VIC 313103 8840 4248Go to website
3132Berwick HealthCareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MitchamMitcham Private Hospital 27 Doncaster East Road Mitcham VIC 31320733573357
3133Top Care Medical VermontGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Vermont529 Mitcham Road Vermont VIC 313303 91325158Go to website
3134Myhealth EastlandGeneral Practitioner (GP) | RingwoodShop 3003 Eastland Shopping Centre, 171-175 Maroondah Highway Ringwood VIC 313403 8080 1388Go to website
3134Myhealth RingwoodGeneral Practitioner (GP) | RingwoodEastland Shopping Centre, Shop 1113, 171-175 Maroondah Highway Ringwood VIC 31340370182400Go to website
3136Croydon Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Croydon24-26 Dorset Road Croydon VIC 31360392137000Go to website
3136SIA Medical Centre CroydonGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CroydonLevel 1, 21-23 Maroondah Highway Croydon VIC 31360397230358Go to website
3140Lilydale Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Lilydale351 Main Street Lilydale VIC 31400397357777Go to website
3141MyClinic - PrahranGeneral Practitioner (GP) | South Yarra191-193 Commerical Road South Yarra VIC 31410398262699Go to website
3141MyClinic South YarraGeneral Practitioner (GP) | South YarraShop 6, 300 Toorak Road South Yarra VIC 314103 9824 1689Go to website
3145Monash University - Caulfield CampusGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Caulfield EastMonash University, Building B, Level 1, 900 Dandenong Road Caulfield East VIC 31450399031177
3145Myhealth ChadstoneGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Malvern East1111 Dandenong Road Malvern East VIC 31450390699188Go to website
3146Monash University Health ServicesGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glen Irish314 Warrigal Road Glen Irish VIC 314603 9905 3175
3146Monash University Health ServicesGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glen Irish300 Warrigal Rd Glen Irish VIC 314603 9905 3175
3148Myhealth ChadstoneGeneral Practitioner (GP) | ChadstoneShop EX001 Chadstone Shopping Centre, Dandenong Road Chadstone VIC 31480390699188Go to website
3150Myhealth The GlenGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glen WaverleyShop L-022 The Glen, 235 Springvale Road Glen Waverley VIC 3150
3150The Glen SuperclinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Glen WaverleyGround Floor, The Glen Shopping Centre, 235 Springvale Road Glen Waverley VIC 31500382900228Go to website
3151Burwood Brickworks Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Burwood EastT41, 70 Middleborough Road Burwood East VIC 315103 9098 0555Go to website
3152Top Care Medical Wantirna SouthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Wantirna South185 Stud Road Wantirna South VIC 31520398870339Go to website
3153M3 Health BayswaterGeneral Practitioner (GP) | BayswaterShop 28, 7-13, High Street Bayswater VIC 31530388200300Go to website
3161Caulfield Family Medical PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Caulfield North263 Glen Eira Road Caulfield North VIC 31610395281910Go to website
3165Centre Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bentleight East868 Centre Road Bentleight East VIC 31650395637766Go to website
3166Comprehensive Family HealthcareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Oakleigh East1419 North Road Oakleigh East VIC 31660395588788
3168Doctors on CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Clayton1371 Centre Road Clayton VIC 31680395435966Go to website
3168Myhealth M-CityGeneral Practitioner (GP) | ClaytonShop T.50a Mezzanine Level -city, 2107-2125 Dandenong Road Clayton VIC 31680388423834
3169MediclinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Clayton SouthUnit 25, 14-26 Ausdley Street Clayton South VIC 31690395441555Go to website
3170DM Clinic MulgraveGeneral Practitioner (GP) | MulgraveShop 4, Waverley Gardens shopping centre, Corner of the Police Rd & Jackson Rd Mulgrave VIC 317003 95585554Go to website
3170United Medical Centre WaverleyGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mulgrave837 – 839 Springvale Rd Mulgrave VIC 317003 5127 3333Go to website
3174Hill Medical ServicesGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Noble Park51 Chandler Rd Noble Park VIC 31740395624766Go to website
3174TLC Primary Care - Noble ParkGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Noble Park33 Frank Street Noble Park VIC 317403 8514 1900Go to website
3175Myhealth DandenongGeneral Practitioner (GP) | DandenongShop L032.370A Dandenong Plaza, Forster & McCrae Street Dandenong VIC 31750388423880
3175Tristar Medical Group DandenongGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Dandenong210 Thomas Street Dandenong VIC 317503 87512673Go to website
3178Rowville Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | RowvilleOffice 2, 1100 Wellington Road Rowville VIC 31780397557807Go to website
3182MyClinic St KildaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St Kilda13-15 Grey Street St Kilda VIC 31820395254011Go to website
3182St Kilda SuperclinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | St KildaLevel 1, Acland Court, 156-160 Acland Street St Kilda VIC 31820395255766Go to website
3183MyClinic BalaclavaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Balaclava161-163 Carlisle Street Balaclava VIC 31830395318383Go to website
3185MyClinic - ElsternwickGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Elsternwick384 Glen Huntly Rd Elsternwick VIC 31850395237666
3188Hampton & South Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hampton4 Willis Lane Hampton VIC 31880395210352Go to website
3189Berwick HealthCareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Moorabbin Moorabbin VIC 31890733573357
3192Myhealth SouthlandGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CheltenhamShop 2062A Westfield Southland, 1239 Nepean Highway Cheltenham VIC 31920380801380Go to website
3197Atticus HealthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Carrum505a Station Street Carrum VIC 319703 9773 3333Go to website
3199Myhealth BaysideGeneral Practitioner (GP) | FrankstonMM11 Bayside Shopping Centre, 28 Beach Street Frankston VIC 31990388423884Go to website
3200TLC Primary Care - Frankston NorthGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Frankston North23 Forest Drive Frankston North VIC 320003 8779 2600Go to website
3201Carrum Downs DoctorsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Carrum Downs335 Ballarto Road Carrum Downs VIC 32010397825738Go to website
3204Bentleigh DoctorsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bentleigh331 Centre Road Bentleigh VIC 3204(03) 70347000Go to website
3204Bentleigh Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bentleigh254 Centre Road Bentleigh VIC 32040395570000Go to website
3205South Melbourne Family PracticeGeneral Practitioner (GP) | South MelbourneLevel 1, 111 Cecil Street South Melbourne VIC 32050392843400Go to website
3212Family Medical Centre, LaraGeneral Practitioner (GP) | LaraShop 3-4/33 Mcclelland Avenue Lara VIC 321203 7021 1010Go to website
3216Deakin University Medical Centre - Waurn PondsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Waurn PondsWaurn Ponds Campus, Building JB, 75 Pigdons Road Waurn Ponds VIC 32160352271221Go to website
3216Grovedale Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Grovedale124 Burdoo Drive Grovedale VIC 32160352459100Go to website
3216TLC Primary Care - BelmontGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Belmont235 High Street Belmont VIC 321603 5297 3900Go to website
3216Tristar Medical Group - GrovedaleGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Grovedale284 Torquay Road Grovedale VIC 32160352433355Go to website
3217TLC Primary Care - Armstrong CreekGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Armstrong Creek2-28 Freda Raod Armstrong Creek VIC 321703 9102 3100
3220Deakin Health and Wellbeing CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | GeelongWaterfront Campus, John Hay Building, 1 Gheringhap Street Geelong VIC 32200352271221Go to website
3222TLC Primary Care - WallingtonGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Wallington2/18 Homestead Avenue Wallington VIC 322203 5297 3500
3228The Quay Family HealthcareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | TorquayT13, 222 Fischer Street Torquay VIC 32280342166868
3228Tristar Medical Group - TorquayGeneral Practitioner (GP) | TorquaySuite2, 136 Geelong Road Torquay VIC 32280352170742Go to website
3280Warrnambool Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Warrnambool193A Liebig Street Warrnambool VIC 32800355622766
3280Warrnambool Medical ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Warrnambool193A Liebig Street Warrnambool VIC 32800355622766
3337Q1 Medical - MeltonGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Melton162-166 Coburns Rd Melton VIC 33370387542800Go to website
3340MyClinic - Bacchus MarshGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bacchus Marsh12 Gell Street Bacchus Marsh VIC 33400353678000Go to website
3340Rapha Bulk Billing Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Darley162 Gisborne Road Darley VIC 33400353675969Go to website
3350Federation University Health CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mount HelenUniversity Drive Mount Helen VIC 33500353279477Go to website
3350Tristar Medical Group - LucasGeneral Practitioner (GP) | LucasShop 1B, Woolworths Coltman Plaza, Dyson Drive Lucas VIC 33500353376540Go to website
3356Tristar Medical Group - SebastopolGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Sebastopol49-51 Albert Street Sebastopol VIC 33560353362311Go to website
3377Tristar Medical Group - AraratGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Ararat64 High Street Ararat VIC 33770353521555Go to website
3400Tristar Medical Group - HorshamGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Horsham1C Madden Street Horsham VIC 34000353823400Go to website
3418Tristar Medical Group - NhillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Nhill45-47 Nelson Street Nhill VIC 34180353911900Go to website
3419Tristar Medical Group - KanivaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Kaniva9 Farmers Road Kaniva VIC 34190353922240Go to website
3429Sunbury Square Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | SunburyShop 17A, 2-28 Evans Street Sunbury VIC 34290390897272Go to website
3429Tristar Medical Group - SunburyGeneral Practitioner (GP) | SunburyShop 1, 106-126 Gap Road Sunbury VIC 34290397408800Go to website
3467Tristar Medical Group - AvocaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Avoca13 Liebig Street Avoca VIC 34670354653088Go to website
3496Tristar Medical Group - Red CliffsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Red Cliffs22 Jamieson Avenue Red Cliffs VIC 34960350242500Go to website
3500Tristar Medical Group - MilduraGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mildura87-89 Langtree Avenue Mildura VIC 35000350231200Go to website
3500Tristar Medical Group - OntarioGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mildura239-241 Thirteenth Street Mildura VIC 35000350229247Go to website
3550Bendigo Medical, BendigoGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Bendigo63 - 65 Bridge Street Bendigo VIC 35500354542300Go to website
3550Bendigo Medical, Flora HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Flora Hill153 Neale Street Flora Hill VIC 35500354421344Go to website
3551Bendigo Medical, EpsomGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Epsom164 - 168 Midland Highway Epsom VIC 35510354304900Go to website
3551Tristar Medical Group - EpsomGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Epsom71-73 Midland Highway Epsom VIC 35510354485952Go to website
3555Tristar Medical Group - Kangaroo FlatGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Kangaroo Flat68-72 High Street Kangaroo Flat VIC 35550354477088Go to website
3585Tristar Medical Group - Swan HillGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Swan Hill152-162 Campbell Street Swan Hill VIC 35850350322133Go to website
3631Tristar Medical Group - KiallaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Kialla6-8 Waranga Drive Kialla VIC 36310358235977Go to website
3690Tristar Medical Group - WodongaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Wodonga79 High Street Wodonga VIC 36900260243344Go to website
3752Danaher Drive Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | South Morang4/1 Danaher Drive South Morang VIC 37520394071313Go to website
3757TLC Primary Care - WhittleseaGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Whittlesea43 Laurel Street Whittlesea VIC 375703 9944 1500Go to website
3800Monash University Health ServicesGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Clayton21 Chancellors Walk Clayton VIC 380003 9905 3175
3803TLC Primary Care - HallamGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hallam8 Young Raod Hallam VIC 380303 8652 3700Go to website
3805Myhealth Fountain GateGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Fountain GateShop 2014A Westfield Fountain Gate, 354 Princess Highway Fountain Gate VIC 38050380801386Go to website
3806Berwick HealthCareGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Berwick76 Clyde Road Berwick VIC 38060733573357
3842Hazelwood Health CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Churchill9A Georgina Place Churchill VIC 38420351222555Go to website
3931Mornington Family DoctorsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mornington960 Nepean Highway Mornington VIC 39310359745900Go to website
3934Mount Martha Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Mount Martha1/4 Langrigg Avenue Mount Martha VIC 39340359748700Go to website
3936Dromana Family DoctorsGeneral Practitioner (GP) | DromanaSuite 14, 143 Point Nepean Road Dromana VIC 39360359849000Go to website
3976Better Health Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hampton Park127-129 Sommerville Road Hampton Park VIC 397603 97029300Go to website
3976Better Health Family ClinicGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Hampton Park127-129 Sommerville Road Hampton Park VIC 397603 97029300Go to website
3977Cranbourne East Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Cranbourne East1-3 Brindalee Place Cranbourne East VIC 397703 59953356Go to website
3977Evans Road Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Cranbourne West90 Evans Raod Cranbourne West VIC 39770359959000Go to website
3977Myhealth CranbourneGeneral Practitioner (GP) | CranbourneShop 02, Cranbourne Home, 398 South Gippsland Highway Cranbourne VIC 39770391128950Go to website
3977ProHealth Family Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Cranbourne EastR17, 1a Linsell Boulevard Cranbourne East VIC 39770359952233Go to website
3977Springhill Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Caranbourne NorthShop 13/1370 Thompsons Road Caranbourne North VIC 39770359914700Go to website
3977Stirling Medical CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Cranbourne32 Stirling Avenue Cranbourne VIC 397703 5995 7777Go to website
4157Tullamarine Complete Health CentreGeneral Practitioner (GP) | Tullamarine84-86 Mickleham Road Tullamarine VIC 41570393368100