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GU Health Medical Gap Network

By choosing a specialist in our Medical Gap network, we’re able to reduce, or in many cases eliminate, any out of pocket fees for your specialist that you may otherwise be faced with paying. Ask your specialist if they’ll treat you under this scheme.

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GU Health partner hospitals

We have agreements with private hospitals and day facilities to ensure that as a GU Health member, you’re fully covered for accommodation and theatre fees, so you’ll only have to pay your excess, if you have one.

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GU Health First Choice Network

To help keep your costs to a minimum, we’ve locked in lower rates with our network of dentists, optometrists and physiotherapists who offer their services at a reduced cost for GU Health members. For our non-resident members, our First Choice network includes GP, radiology and pathology practices.

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Before you book an appointment...

Speak to your provider before booking an appointment, as their participation in our networks is subject to change and may apply on a case-by-case basis. We also recommend asking for confirmation of the costs involved and any out of pocket fees. And finally, check your policy by logging in or talking to us to make sure you’re covered.

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Search by service and state to see the First Choice providers in your area (ACT - Australian Capital Territory, NSW - New South Wales, NT - Northern Territory, QLD - Queensland, TAS - Tasmania, SA - South Australia, VIC - Victoria, WA - Western Australia).

To make the most of your Extras cover, choose a First Choice provider:

Non-resident members are covered for GP, radiology and pathology services (Australian residents are covered for these services by Medicare).

General Practitioners

Providers outside our networks

You can choose to see any provider outside of our networks, as long as they’re recognised by us. You just might be charged more if we don’t have a special agreement with them to keep your costs down. Search the Whitecoat directory for healthcare professionals outside our networks.

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