Your extras cover

So you’re young, fit and healthy — but Medicare doesn’t cover all of the services that help you to maintain your health and wellness, such as general dental, optical, physiotherapy and natural therapies. GU Health extras cover does!

With the right extras cover you can access a range of services that can help you to live well. We’re here to help you choose a level of extras cover that meets your health and lifestyle goals and saves you money.

Claiming made easy with the GU Health App

Keep track of your Extras, make a claim, explore your Rewards and more with the GU Health App.

Get your claim paid fast

Make claiming on your extras easy by registering for our FastBack service. Once you sign up for FastBack, we’ll pay reimbursements directly into your bank account. Plus, if you’ve provided us with your mobile number, we’ll even send you an SMS as soon as your claim is paid.

Claiming on extras is easy
Post-treatment reimbursement
Common reasons why your GU Health Member (HICAPS) Card may not be working
What are the benefits of visiting a registered provider?
What is percentage-of-cost claiming?
Claiming health management services and artificial aids

On-the-spot claiming is available through most HICAPS providers. HICAPS allows you to simply swipe your
GU Health Member Card at the end of your consultation or treatment, automatically deducting your benefit entitlement from the amount you’ve been charged. Then, all you have to pay is the difference.

Ask your provider if they are recognised with GU Health before you book your consultation. If they are not registered with HICAPS or recognised with GU Health ask them to contact us via our website.

If you’re having trouble getting your GU Health member (HICAPS) card to work, try referring to some of the common reasons why HICAPS may not be working.

Depending on your level of cover, and if your provider has the appropriate facility, you can claim these services through HICAPS:

  • General dental
  • Major dental
  • Optical
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic and osteopathy
  • Dietetics
  • Psychology
  • Podiatry
  • Speech therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Remedial massage
  • Occupational therapy

Services that require a claim form and itemised account or Official Pharmacy Receipt

  • Antenatal and postnatal
  • Orthodontics
  • Orthotics
  • Some therapies
  • Health management
  • Pharmacy
  • Eye therapy
  • Health aids and appliances
  • Travel and accommodation

For specific details in relation to the services available under your cover, please refer to your
GU Health cover guide.

Download and complete a claim form and return to us with your itemised accounts and / or Official Pharmacy Receipts.

If you’re not claiming through HICAPS, simply complete the claim form and attach your itemised accounts and / or Official Pharmacy Receipts. You can send us your claim form and itemised account or Official Pharmacy Receipt via email or post.

If you're signed up to our FastBack service, we'll make the payment directly into your nominated account; otherwise we'll send you a cheque.

Where there is an unpaid amount owed to the provider, a cheque will be made out and sent directly to them.

Here are five common reasons why you may be unable to use your HICAPS card:

  • Is your provider registered with GU Health? If not, all they need to do is call us; email us their association details, address and modality; or complete a provider registration form.
  • Is your provider registered for the service you are receiving? We can confirm this for you over the phone.
  • Is your membership paid up to date? If you’re behind in payments, your ability to claim using your GU Health Member Card may be temporarily suspended until your payment is processed.
  • Do you have an excess on your extras? If you do, your excess will be deducted from your benefit entitlements until your excess amount has been reached.
  • Do you have cover for this service or has your annual limit been reached? To check your level of cover, refer to your member booklet or log into Online Member Services to view your remaining limits.

If your HICAPS transaction doesn't work you can pay for your consultation or treatment upfront and then submit a claim form with a copy of your itemised accounts and / or Official Pharmacy Receipts for a post-treatment reimbursement. You can also scan and email your receipts.

If your GU Health Member Card is damaged, you can reorder one through Online Member Services or contact us.

If a provider is registered with Medicare or their relevant industry body, they're referred to as a registered provider. By ensuring a provider is registered, we can be confident that you're receiving a high standard of service from a practitioner with all the right training and qualifications.

You have the freedom to visit a registered provider of your choice. GU Health does not restrict the amount you can claim back on a particular service based on a ‘preferred provider’ list — what you can claim back is based on the terms of your extras cover policy.

Take a moment to search our list of recognised providers who offer the convenience of HICAPS. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out if your provider is recognised.

If you're a provider and you would like to register with GU Health, please complete the provider registration form.

Our covers offer a percentage-of-cost benefit, which means you can claim back a percentage of the amount you paid for your service, up to your annual limits, regardless of the cost. For example, if your extras cover has a percentage-of-cost structure of 80 per cent, you can claim back most of the total cost of your treatment up to your annual limit. Plus, there are no hidden benefit sub-limits.

Some corporate covers, specifically tailored by employers, are structured differently, so please refer to your Online Member Services for more details.

You'll need a letter from your doctor explaining why the treatment or aid is required. It will need to specify that the treatment or aid:

  • will help to manage or prevent a chronic disease or condition.
  • will be provided or supplied by a recognised practitioner or supplier.

Where can I get more information about my cover?

Your Member Booklet provides information on what you are entitled to claim. You would have received this booklet in your
GU Health Welcome Pack. If you need a new copy, please contact your Member Relations Team or go to Online Member Services.

You can also find and update the details relating to your cover, such as mailing address, FastBack details, membership and excess years and your remaining benefit limits, in Online Member Services.