First Choice optometrists in NSW & ACT

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Preferred First Choice Providers

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PostcodePractice nameDescriptionAddressPhoneWebsite
2000nib Eye Care SydneyOptical | Sydney27-31 Hunter St Sydney NSW 20000292298600Go to website
2067nib Eye Care ChatswoodOptical | ChatswoodShop 8, 409 Victoria Ave Chatswood NSW 20670294118288Go to website
2150nib Eye Care ParramattaOptical | Parramatta28 Grose Street Parramatta NSW 21500289084444Go to website
2285nib Eye Care GlendaleOptical | Glendale593 Main Road Glendale NSW 22850249537138Go to website
2290nib Eye Care CharlestownOptical | Charlestown190 Pacific Hwy Charlestown NSW 22900249495400Go to website
2300nib Eye Care NewcastleOptical | Newcastle366 Hunter St Newcastle NSW 23000249076850Go to website
2320nib Eye Care RutherfordOptical | RutherfordWestmall Shopping Centre, Arthur St Rutherford NSW 23200249377716Go to website
2606nib Eye Care WodenOptical | Woden28 Brewer St Woden ACT 26060262822219Go to website

First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionAddressPhoneWebsite
2000Specsavers Sydney CentralOptical | SydneyUnit 18LG, Sydney Central Plaza, 450 George Street Sydney NSW 20000292234055Go to website
2000Specsavers Sydney MetCentreOptical | SydneyShop MG22, MetCentre, 273 George Street Sydney NSW 20000292413644Go to website
2007Specsavers BroadwayOptical | BroadwayShop 27, Broadway Sydney, 1 Bay Street Broadway NSW 20070292114088Go to website
2022Specsavers Bondi JunctionOptical | Bondi JunctionShop 1031, Westfield Bondi, 500 Oxford Street Bondi Junction NSW 20220293860788Go to website
2031Specsavers RandwickOptical | RandwickShop 57 Royal Randwick Shopping Centre, 73 Belmore Road Randwick NSW 20310293266040Go to website
2036Specsavers EastgardensOptical | EastgardensShop 262 Westfield Eastgardens, 152 Bunnerong Road Eastgardens NSW 20360283471499Go to website
2040Specsavers LeichhardtOptical | LeichhardtShop 12 Marketplace Leichhardt, 122-138 Flood Street Leichhardt NSW 20400295180234Go to website
2060Specsavers North SydneyOptical | North SydneyShop M13-14 Greenwood Plaza, Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 20600294603300Go to website
2067Specsavers ChatswoodOptical | ChatswoodShop A, 398 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW 20670294113390Go to website
2077Specsavers HornsbyOptical | HornsbyShop 2010, Westfield Hornsby, Cnr Florence and Hunter Streets Hornsby NSW 20770294760177Go to website
2077Specsavers Hornsby NorthOptical | HornsbyShop 3071, Westfield Hornsby, Cnr Florence and Hunter Streets Hornsby NSW 20770294828597Go to website
2089Specsavers Neutral BayOptical | Neutral BayShop 1, 129-133 Military Road Neutral Bay NSW 20890289696254Go to website
2100Specsavers WarringahOptical | BrookvaleShop 1076 & 1077 Westfield Warringah Mall, Cnr Old Pittwater Rd & Condamine Street Brookvale NSW 21000299071677Go to website
2102Specsavers WarriewoodOptical | WarriewoodSP079, Warriewood Square, Jacksons Rd Warriewood NSW 21020299131844Go to website
2112Specsavers Top RydeOptical | RydeShop LG1-2005 Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, Cnr Devlin Street and Blaxland Road Ryde NSW 21120298075049Go to website
2113Specsavers North RydeOptical | North RydeShop 9 Macquarie Shopping Centre, Cnr Herring & Waterloo Roads North Ryde NSW 21130298892556Go to website
2131Specsavers AshfieldOptical | AshfieldShop 63, Ashfield Mall Shopping Centre, 260A Liverpool Road Ashfield NSW 21310290116988Go to website
2134Specsavers BurwoodOptical | BurwoodShop 361 Westfield Burwood, 100 Burwood Road Burwood NSW 21340297442900Go to website
2147Specsavers Seven HillsOptical | Seven HillsShop 57 Seven Hills Plaza, Cnr Prospect Hwy & Federal Road Seven Hills NSW 21470296224964Go to website
2148Specsavers BlacktownOptical | BlacktownShop 1059 Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick Street Blacktown NSW 21480296210033Go to website
2150Specsavers ParramattaOptical | ParramattaShop 5070, Westfield Parramatta, 159-175 Church St Parramatta NSW 21500296356233Go to website
2151Specsavers North RocksOptical | North RocksShop 36 North Rocks Shopping Centre, 328-336 North Rocks Road North Rocks NSW 21510298711177Go to website
2153Specsavers Winston HillsOptical | Winston HillsShop 60 Winston Hills Mall, Cnr Caroline Chisholm Drive & Langdon Road Winston Hills NSW 21530296246486Go to website
2154Specsavers Castle HillOptical | Castle HillShop 331 Castle Towers Shopping Centre, 6-14 Castle Street Castle Hill NSW 21540288501334Go to website
2155Specsavers Rouse HillOptical | Rouse HillShop GR 088 Rouse Hill Town Centre, 10-14 Market Lane Rouse Hill NSW 21550282057940Go to website
2160Specsavers MerrylandsOptical | MerrylandsShop 1016 Stockland Merrylands, McFarlane Street Merrylands NSW 21600296377050Go to website
2164Specsavers Wetherill ParkOptical | Wetherill ParkShop 1, Stockland Wetherill Park, 561-583 Polding Street Wetherill Park NSW 21640297560510Go to website
2165Specsavers FairfieldOptical | FairfieldShop G66, Neeta City Shopping Centre, 54 Smart Street Fairfield NSW 21650297233360Go to website
2170Specsavers CasulaOptical | CasulaShop 6 Casula Mall, Corner of Ingham Drive and Kurrajong Road Casula NSW 21700298227239Go to website
2170Specsavers LiverpoolOptical | LiverpoolShop 121/122 Westfield Liverpool, Macquarie Street Liverpool NSW 21700296006864Go to website
2171Specsavers Carnes HillOptical | Horningsea ParkShop B10, Carnes Hill Marketplace, Corner Cowpasture & Kurrajong Roads Horningsea Park NSW 21710291905375Go to website
2196Specsavers RoselandsOptical | RoselandsShop SP314 Roselands Shopping Centre, Roselands Drive Roselands NSW 21960297584937Go to website
2200Specsavers BankstownOptical | BankstownLevel 1, Shop SP329 Bankstown Central, North Terrace Bankstown NSW 22000297072933Go to website
2204Specsavers MarrickvilleOptical | MarrickvilleShop 86B Marrickville Metro, 34 Victoria Road Marrickville NSW 22040295578108Go to website
2216Specsavers RockdaleOptical | RockdaleShop 20 Rockdale Plaza, 1 Rockdale Plaza Drive Rockdale NSW 22160295876755Go to website
2220Specsavers HurstvilleOptical | HurstvilleShop 232 Westfield Hurstville, Cnr Cross Street and Park Road Hurstville NSW 22200295800010Go to website
2224Specsavers SylvaniaOptical | SylvaniaPrinces Hwy & Port Hacking Road Sylvania NSW 22240295229965Go to website
2228Specsavers MirandaOptical | MirandaShop 2012, Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway Miranda NSW 22280295240577Go to website
2228Specsavers Miranda EastOptical | MirandaShop 1081 Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway Miranda NSW 22280295251733Go to website
2234Specsavers MenaiOptical | MenaiT30 Menai Marketplace S/C, 152-194 Allison Crescent Menai NSW 22340295437070Go to website
2250Specsavers ErinaOptical | ErinaShop T229 Erina Fair Shopping Centre, Terrigal Drive Erina NSW 22500243673666Go to website
2250Specsavers GosfordOptical | GosfordShop 105/106, Imperial Shopping Centre, 171 Mann Street Gosford NSW 22500243253444Go to website
2256Specsavers Woy WoyOptical | Woy WoyShop 32, Deepwater Plaza Centre, Railway Street Woy Woy NSW 22560243425900Go to website
2259Specsavers TuggerahOptical | TuggerahShop 2038 Westfield Tuggerah, Corner Wyong & Gavenlock Roads Tuggerah NSW 22590243510766Go to website
2261Specsavers Bateau BayOptical | Bateau BayShop 91 Bateau Bay Square, 12 Bay Village Road Bateau Bay NSW 22610243336650Go to website
2263Specsavers Lake HavenOptical | Lake HavenShop 61, Lake Haven Shopping Centre, Lake Haven Drive Lake Haven NSW 22630243942777Go to website
2264Specsavers MorissetOptical | MorissetShop 16 & 17 Morisset Square, 35 Yambo Street Morisset NSW 22640249733003Go to website
2283Specsavers TorontoOptical | Toronto29 The Boulevarde Toronto NSW 22830249592377Go to website
2285Specsavers GlendaleOptical | GlendaleShop 32 Stockland Glendale Shopping Centre, 387 Lake Road Glendale NSW 22850249565344Go to website
2289Specsavers KotaraOptical | KotaraShop 15, Level 2 Westfield Kotara, Cnr Park Ave & Northcott Kotara NSW 22890249523733Go to website
2290Specsavers CharlestownOptical | Charlestown192 Pacific Highway, Charlestown NSW 22900249209866Go to website
2290Specsavers Mt HuttonOptical | Mt HuttonShop 32 Lake Macquarie Fair, 46-56 Wilsons Road Mt Hutton NSW 22900249480100Go to website
2299Specsavers JesmondOptical | JesmondShop 004, Stockland Jesmond, 28 Blue Gum Rd Jesmond NSW 22990249516279Go to website
2317Specsavers Salamander BayOptical | Salamander BayShop G016 Salamander Shopping Centre, 2 Town Centre Circuit Salamander Bay NSW 23170249827788Go to website
2323Specsavers East MaitlandOptical | East MaitlandShop 012, Stocklands Green Hills, 1 Molly Morgan Drive East Maitland NSW 23230249330844Go to website
2325Specsavers CessnockOptical | CessnockShop 2 Cessnock Plaza, Cnr Cooper & Keene Street Cessnock NSW 23250249906299Go to website
2340Specsavers TamworthOptical | Tamworth302 - 304 Peel Street Tamworth NSW 23400267664666Go to website
2430Specsavers TareeOptical | TareeShop 34, Taree City Centre, 60 Manning Street Taree NSW 24300265527331Go to website
2444Specsavers Port MacquarieOptical | Port MacquarieShop 2, 46 Horton Street Port Macquarie NSW 24440265835174Go to website
2444Specsavers Port Macquarie WestOptical | Port MacquarieShop GD 16B, Settlement City Shopping Centre, Cnr Park and Bay Streets Port Macquarie NSW 24440265835177Go to website
2450Specsavers Coffs HarbourOptical | Coffs HarbourHarbour Drive Coffs Harbour NSW 24500266514300Go to website
2450Specsavers Coffs Park BeachOptical | Coffs Harbour253 Pacific Highway Coffs Harbour NSW 24500266518883Go to website
2478Specsavers BallinaOptical | Ballina155 River Street Ballina NSW 24780266864004Go to website
2480Specsavers LismoreOptical | LismoreShop T78 Lismore Shopping Square, Cnr Brewster & Uralba Street Lismore NSW 24800266218600Go to website
2486Specsavers Tweed CityOptical | Tweed Heads SouthShop 113, Tweed City Shopping Centre, 54 Minjungbal Drive Tweed Heads South NSW 24860755248660Go to website
2500Specsavers WollongongOptical | WollongongGround Floor, Shop 136, Crown Street (Lower End Crown St Mall) Wollongong NSW 25000242250652Go to website
2518Specsavers CorrimalOptical | CorrimalShop 30-32 Stockland Corrimal, 270 Princes Highway Corrimal NSW 25180242833172Go to website
2529Specsavers ShellharbourOptical | Shellharbour CityShop 052 Stockland Shellharbour Shopping Centre, Lake Entrance Road Shellharbour City NSW 25290242962342Go to website
2530Specsavers DaptoOptical | DaptoShop 128 Dapto Mall, Corner of Princes Highway & Moombara Street Dapto NSW 25300242608645Go to website
2536Specsavers Batemans BayOptical | Batemans Bay35 Orient Street Batemans Bay NSW 25360244725565Go to website
2541Specsavers Nowra CentralOptical | NowraCnr Worrigee & Kinghorne Streets Nowra NSW 25410244210500Go to website
2541Specsavers Nowra StocklandOptical | NowraShop G20 Stockland Nowra, 32 East Street Nowra NSW 25410244231811Go to website
2560Specsavers CampbelltownOptical | CampbelltownShop L15, Campbelltown Mall, 271 Queen Street Campbelltown NSW 25600246280757Go to website
2560Specsavers MacarthurOptical | CampbelltownShop L03 U144, Macarthur Square, 200 Gilchrist Drive Campbelltown NSW 25600246287544Go to website
2565Specsavers IngleburnOptical | IngleburnShop 3, 30 Oxford Street Ingleburn NSW 25650296055751Go to website
2567Specsavers NarellanOptical | NarellanShop 80 & 81, Narellan Town Centre, 326 Camden Valley Way Narellan NSW 25670246474577Go to website
2575Specsavers MittagongOptical | MittagongShop 18, Highlands Marketplace, 197 Old Hume Highway Mittagong NSW 25750248713844Go to website
2580Specsavers GoulburnOptical | GoulburnShop 1 & 2 Belmore Centre, 210 Auburn St Goulburn NSW 25800248214655Go to website
2601Specsavers CanberraOptical | CanberraShop AG03 Canberra Centre, Bunda Street Canberra ACT 26010262629584Go to website
2606Specsavers WodenOptical | PhillipShop 71, Lower Ground Floor, Westfield Woden, Keltie Street Phillip ACT 26060262811365Go to website
2617Specsavers BelconnenOptical | BelconnenShop 171 Westfield Belconnen, Benjamin Way Belconnen ACT 26170262510415Go to website
2620Specsavers QueanbeyanOptical | QueanbeyanShop 24 Riverside Plaza Queanbeyan, 131 Monaro St Queanbeyan NSW 26200262329533Go to website
2640Specsavers AlburyOptical | Albury537 Dean Street Albury NSW 26400260235815Go to website
2641Specsavers LavingtonOptical | LavingtonShop SP043, Lavington Square, 351 Griffith Road Lavington NSW 26410260252907Go to website
2650Specsavers Wagga WaggaOptical | Wagga Wagga1/56 Forsyth Street Wagga Wagga NSW 26500269212111Go to website
2750Specsavers PenrithOptical | PenrithShop 104 Westfield Penrith, 585 High Street Penrith NSW 27500247324677Go to website
2750Specsavers Penrith NepeanOptical | PenrithSP007, Nepean Village, Cnr Station St & Woodriff St Penrith NSW 27500247214333Go to website
2753Specsavers Richmond NSWOptical | RichmondShop 4 & 5 Richmond Marketplace, March Street Richmond NSW 27530245783905Go to website
2760Specsavers St MarysOptical | St MarysShop 33, St Marys Village Shopping Centre, Charles Hackett Drive St Marys NSW 27600296731068Go to website
2761Specsavers PlumptonOptical | PlumptonShop 28 Plumpton Marketplace, Corner Hyatts and Jersey Roads Plumpton NSW 27610296250848Go to website
2768Specsavers Stanhope GardensOptical | Stanhope GardensShop 34, Stanhope Village, Cnr Stanhope Parkway & Sentry Drive Stanhope Gardens NSW 27680298362769Go to website
2770Specsavers Mt DruittOptical | Mt DruittShops 23 & 24, Westfield Mt Druitt, Cnr Carlisle Avenue & Luxford Road Mt Druitt NSW 27700298322081Go to website
2780Specsavers KatoombaOptical | Katoomba98 Katoomba Street Katoomba NSW 27800247824688Go to website
2795Specsavers BathurstOptical | BathurstShop T35, Bathurst City Centre, 210 Howicks Street Bathurst NSW 27950263326414Go to website
2800Specsavers OrangeOptical | OrangeShop No 115, Orange Central Shopping Centre, 227-237 Summer Street Orange NSW 28000263621045Go to website
2830Specsavers DubboOptical | DubboShop 14B, Dubbo Square, 177 Macquarie Street Dubbo NSW 28300268828855Go to website
2900Specsavers TuggeranongOptical | GreenwayShop 103 Tuggeranong Hyperdome Shopping Centre, 175 Anketell Street Greenway ACT 29000262931590Go to website
2912Specsavers GungahlinOptical | GungahlinShop 15, The Marketplace, 33 Hibberson Street Gungahlin ACT 29120261717414Go to website