First Choice dentists in NT, SA, TAS & WA

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First Choice Providers

PostcodePractice nameDescriptionAddressPhoneWebsite
0800National Dental Care DarwinDental | Darwin26 Mitchell St Darwin NT 0800088941 1717Go to website
0812Karama Dental Family PracticeDental | KaramaShop R 36, Karama Shopping Centre, 6682 Kalymnos Drive Karama NT 08120889454070Go to website
0830National Dental Care PalmerstonDental | Palmerston3 Gurd St Palmerston NT 08300889142296Go to website
0830Your Smile DentalDental | Palmerston8/164 Forrest Parade Palmerston NT 08300879997750Go to website
5000City Central DentalDental | Adelaide16 Waymouth St Adelaide SA 50000882319922Go to website
5000Dental Care on PulteneyDental | AdelaideSuite 37, 422 Pulteney Street Adelaide SA 50000882328116Go to website
5000Dental ExcellenceDental | AdelaideSuite 302, Level 3, 147 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 50000882234400Go to website
5000Dental Members Adelaide CityDental | AdelaideLevel 2, 25 King William Street Adelaide SA 500008 8212 3247Go to website
5000Dental R UsDental | AdelaideLevel 6, 55 Gawler Place Adelaide SA 500008 8212 1798Go to website
5000Gawler Place DentalDental | AdelaideLevel 6, 55 Gawler Place Adelaide SA 50000882312606Go to website
5000Gentle Dentistry AdelaideDental | AdelaideLevel 2, Bagot House, 198 North Terrace Adelaide SA 50000882235908Go to website
5000Grote Street DentalDental | Adelaide1/80 Grote Street Adelaide SA 50000872269533Go to website
5000National Dental Care South TerraceDental | Adelaide303 South Terrace Adelaide SA 50000881204024Go to website
5000North Terrace DentalDental | AdelaideLevel 5, 172 North Terrace Adelaide SA 50000424311613Go to website
5000Smiles Are Us AdelaideDental | AdelaideLevel 7/28 Grenfell Street Adelaide SA 50000882319297Go to website
5006Melbourne Street Family DentalDental | North AdelaideSuite 54, 55 Melbourne Street North Adelaide SA 50060882672658Go to website
5006National Dental Care North AdelaideDental | North Adelaide104 Ward Street North Adelaide SA 500608 8267 2622Go to website
5008Queen Street DentalDental | Croydon11 Queen St Croydon SA 50080883461587Go to website
5010Westwood DentalDental | Angle Park40-44 Trafford St Angle Park SA 50100883007200
5011Adelaide Dental SolutionsDental | WoodvilleSuite 1, 850 Port Road Woodville SA 50110882443677Go to website
5014Royal Park DentalDental | Royal Park92 Tapleys Hill Road Royal Park SA 50140883471199Go to website
5015The Port Dental CareDental | Port Adelaide19 Robe Street Port Adelaide SA 50150884471566Go to website
5015Westcare DentalDental | Port AdelaideLevel 1, 30 College Street Port Adelaide SA 50150882492070Go to website
5021Island DentalDental | West Lakes134 West Lakes Boulevard West Lakes SA 502108 8449 9777Go to website
5021National Dental Care West LakesDental | West Lakes151 Brebner Drive West Lakes SA 50210881204028Go to website
5022Azura Dental & CosmeticsDental | Henley Beach644 Grange Road Henley Beach SA 50220883538221Go to website
5023Gentle Dentistry FindonDental | Findon178 Findon Road Findon SA 50230883471040Go to website
5023National Dental Care FindonDental | FindonFindon Shopping Centre, Suite 13, 303 Grange Rd Findon SA 5023Go to website
5024All Smiles Centre FulhamDental | FulhamShop 9, 576 Tapleys Hill Road Fulham SA 50240883560265Go to website
5024The Family SmileDental | Fulham Gardens440 Tapleys Hill Rd Fulham Gardens SA 50240883560555Go to website
5025Family Dental Clinic Flinders ParkDental | Flinders Park172 Grange Road Flinders Park SA 502508 82347711Go to website
5031Dental Matters TorrensvilleDental | Torrensville98 South Rd Torrensville SA 50310882345020Go to website
5031Torrensville Dental CareDental | Torrensville203 Henley Beach Road Torrensville SA 50310871202719Go to website
5032Brooklyn Park Dental and CosmeticDental | Brooklyn Park327 Henley Beach Road Brooklyn Park SA 50320883527193Go to website
5032Lockleys Dental ClinicDental | South Australia392 Henley Beach Road South Australia SA 5032084437634Go to website
5033Dental Care at HiltonDental | Hilton158 Sir Donald Bradman Drive Hilton SA 50330883517722Go to website
5037Glandore Dental SurgeryDental | Glandore648 South Road Glandore SA 50370882931330Go to website
5038Cross Road Dental CareDental | South Plypton596 Cross Road South Plypton SA 50380882933629Go to website
5038Plympton Dental ClinicDental | Plympton397 Marion Road Plympton SA 50380882974266Go to website
5039Melrose Park Dental & Implant CentreDental | Melrose Park161 Edward Street Melrose Park SA 50390882935288Go to website
5042Pasadena DentalDental | PasadenaShop 7/8, 16-30 Fiveash Drive Pasadena SA 50420870781813Go to website
5043Marion Dental ClinicDental | Mitchell Park857 Marion Rd Mitchell Park SA 50430882776025Go to website
5045Bay Family DentalDental | Glenelg19 Nile Street Glenelg SA 50450882951288Go to website
5051Blackwood DentalDental | Blackwood40 Coromandel Parade Blackwood SA 505108 8278 5001Go to website
5051Tooth Zone BlackwoodDental | Blackwood1/186 Main Road Blackwood Blackwood SA 50510881781190Go to website
5052Belair Dental CareDental | BelairShop 2, 16 Main Road Belair SA 50520882788611Go to website
5061Greenhill Road DentalDental | Unley4B/102 Greenhill Road Unley SA 50610882720770Go to website
5061Parkside Dental ClinicDental | Unley160 Unley Road Unley SA 506108 8271 7506Go to website
5062Preventive DentistryDental | Torrens ParkShop 21, 119 Belair Road, Mitcham Square Shopping Centre Torrens Park SA 50620882722040Go to website
5063Optimal Dental Care-ParksideDental | Parkside128 Glen Osmond Road Parkside SA 50630888271632Go to website
5063Parklands DentalDental | Eastwood41 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood SA 50630883313945Go to website
5064Myrtle Bank DentalDental | Myrtle Bank320 Glen Osmond Road Myrtle Bank SA 50640883794872Go to website
5065Dental @ 187 FullartonDental | Dulwich187 Fullarton Road Dulwich SA 50650883318204
5065Glenside Dental ClinicDental | Glenside320 Greenhill Road Glenside SA 50650883796627Go to website
5066Burnside Dental PracticeDental | Hazelwood Park537 Glynburn Road Hazelwood Park SA 50660883642557Go to website
5066Gentle Dentistry ErindaleDental | Erindale370F Kensington Road Erindale SA 50660883317030Go to website
5066Walsh DentalDental | Burnside508 Glynburn Road Burnside SA 50660883310436Go to website
5067Kent Town DentalDental | Kent Town2 Dequetteville Terrace Kent Town SA 50670883627240
5069Elite Dental AdelaideDental | Stepney72 Nelson Street Stepney SA 50690881321124Go to website
5070All Smiles CentreDental | Felixstow3/501 Lower North East Road Felixstow SA 50700883374887Go to website
5070Family Dental Clinic Royston ParkDental | Royston Park315 Payneham Road Royston Park SA 507008 8363 3353Go to website
5073Arena DentalDental | Rostrevor284 Montacute Road Rostrevor SA 50730883366677Go to website
5074Gentle Dentistry NewtonDental | NewtonShop 9, 145 Montacute Road Newton SA 50740883373878Go to website
5074Smile Point DentalDental | CampbelltownShop 3, 511-513 Lower North East Road Campbelltown SA 50740883363623Go to website
5075Dernancourt Dental SurgeryDental | Dernancourt825 Lower North East Road Dernancourt SA 5075Go to website
5082Prospect Dental CareDental | Prospect310 Main North Road Prospect SA 508208 8269 7966Go to website
5082Prospect Dental CareDental | Prospect188 Main North Road Prospect SA 508208 8269 7966Go to website
5082Prospect DentistryDental | Prospect1 Pulsford Road Prospect SA 50820882691999Go to website
5082Prospective SmilesDental | ProspectShop 3, 74 Prospect Road Prospect SA 50820883444745
5083National Dental Care NailsworthDental | Nailsworth83 Main North Rd Nailsworth SA 50830881204027Go to website
5084Churchill Dental StudioDental | KilburnChurchill Shopping Centre, Shop 33, 400 Churchill Road Kilburn SA 50840882623277Go to website
5084Kilburn DentalDental | Kilburn368 Prospect Rd Kilburn SA 50840883594313Go to website
5085Northgate Dental CareDental | NorthgateShop 12, 177-195 Fosters Rd Northgate SA 50850871230830Go to website
5086Muller Road Dental CareDental | Hampstead Gardens75 Muller Road Hampstead Gardens SA 508608 8266 2100Go to website
5092Tea Tree DentalDental | Modbury996 North East Road Modbury SA 50920872263559Go to website
5095National Dental Care Mawson LakesDental | Mawson LakesShop 10, 121-131 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Promenade Shopping Centre Mawson Lakes SA 5095Go to website
5107Parafield Gardens DentalDental | Parafield Gardens461 Salisbury Highway Parafield Gardens SA 51070882583498Go to website
5108Family Dental HealthDental | Paralowie220 Waterloo Corner Road Paralowie SA 51080882814493
5108National Dental Care SalisburyDental | Salisbury12 John St Salisbury SA 51080881204039Go to website
5108Whites Road Dental ClinicDental | Salisbury North129 Whites Road Salisbury North SA 51080882504477Go to website
5112Martin Dentist DenturesDental | Elizabeth South23a 100 Philip Highway Elizabeth South SA 511208 8255 6349
5126Smile Centre Surrey DownsDental | Surrey DownsGolden Grove Rd, Surrey Downs Surrey Downs SA 51260882512999Go to website
5152Stirling Family DentalDental | Stirling7 Druid Avenue Stirling SA 51520883391836Go to website
5154Smiles @ AldgateDental | Aldgate226 Mount Barker Road Aldgate SA 51540883396903Go to website
5155Bridgewater DentalDental | Bridgewater411 Mount Barker Road Bridgewater SA 51550883709299Go to website
5158O'Halloran Hill DentalDental | O'Halloran Hill109 Main South Road O'Halloran Hill SA 51580883814113Go to website
5159Aberfoyle Hub Dental SurgeryDental | Aberfoyle ParkSuite 1, Aberfoyle Hub Professional Centre, Christie Way Aberfoyle Park SA 51590882704911Go to website
5159Tooth Zone Aberfoyle ParkDental | Aberfoyle Park5 The Mall Aberfoyle Park SA 51590882704000Go to website
5161Maven Dental ReynellaDental | Reynella95 Main South Road Reynella SA 51610883225333Go to website
5161Old Reynella DentalDental | Old Reynella1/220 Old South Road Old Reynella SA 51610883220633
5162Morphett Vale Dental CareDental | Morphett Vale164 Main South Road Morphett Vale SA 51620883822410Go to website
5168Lakeside Dental CareDental | Yorketown38 Warooka Road Yorketown SA 51680888521344Go to website
5168Noarlunga House DentalDental | Noarlunga CentreGround Floor, Noarlunga House, Hannah Road Noarlunga Centre SA 51680883845996Go to website
5204Normanville Dental SurgeryDental | Normanville1 Mary Avenue Normanville SA 52040885527711Go to website
5211Encounter Bay DentalDental | Victor HarborShop 5/66 Victoria Street Victor Harbor SA 52110885529299
5211Victor Harbor Dental SurgeryDental | Victor Harbor7 Torrens Street Victor Harbor SA 52110885527711Go to website
5251Morphett St Family DentalDental | Mount Barker13 Morphett Street Mount Barker SA 52510883912298Go to website
5253Murraylands Dental CareDental | Murray BridgeShop 5, 32 Adelaide Road Murray Bridge SA 52530885321666Go to website
5255Strathalbyn Dental CareDental | Strathalbyn3 Dawson Street Strathalbyn SA 52550885362147Go to website
5453Maven Dental ClareDental | ClareSuite 2, 177 Main North Road Clare SA 54530888422999Go to website
5461Balaklava Prime DentalDental | Balaklava1 Scotland Street Balaklava SA 54610424311613Go to website
5540Neni's Mid North Dental CentreDental | Port Pirie52 Ellen Street Port Pirie SA 55400886331400Go to website
5540Port Pirie Dental & Specialist CentreDental | Port Pirie27 Norman Street Port Pirie SA 55400886324065Go to website
5540Port Pirie Night DentistDental | Port PirieLot 1, Ellen Street Port Pirie SA 55400451929373Go to website
5554National Dental Care KadinaDental | Kadina70 Graves St Kadina SA 55540888855099Go to website
5600iTeethDental | Whyalla51A Playford Avenue Whyalla SA 56000886457944Go to website
5605Maven Dental Tumby BayDental | Tumby Bay8 Esplanade Tumby Bay SA 56050886821169Go to website
5606Maven Dental Port LincolnDental | Port Lincoln14 Napoleon Street Port Lincoln SA 56060886821169Go to website
5700Port Augusta Dental CareDental | Port Augusta19B Commercial Road Port Augusta SA 57000886422557Go to website
6000CBD Dental PerthDental | PerthLevel 8, 68 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 60000893211800Go to website
6000DB Dental PerthDental | PerthKings Square, 4/570 Wellington Street Perth WA 60000893258900Go to website
6000[email protected]Dental | PerthSuite 4, Level 1, 160 St Georges Terrace Perth WA 60000893225300Go to website
6000Maven Dental QV1Dental | Perth976 Hay Street Perth WA 60000893225666Go to website
6000Perth Dental RoomsDental | PerthUnit 40B, 300 Murray Street Perth WA 60000893225340Go to website
6000Stirling Street Dental ClinicDental | Perth7/177 Stirling Street Perth WA 60000892277700
6004East Perth Dental CentreDental | East PerthSuite 1/10 Eastbrook Terrace East Perth WA 60040892205555Go to website
6005West Perth Dental CentreDental | West Perth39 Colin Street West Perth WA 60050893216928Go to website
6006Enso DentalDental | North Perth1/375 Charles St North Perth WA 60060863823399Go to website
6006My Implant Dentist North PerthDental | North PerthLevel 2, 448 Fitzgerald Street North Perth WA 60060892277111Go to website
6007123 DentalDental | West Leederville123 Cambridge Street West Leederville WA 60070893813806Go to website
6007Dentistry Plus LeedervilleDental | Leederville628 Newcastle Street Leederville WA 6007Go to website
6008Dental EsthetiqueDental | Subiaco324 Churchill Avenue Subiaco WA 60080893813791Go to website
6008Maven Dental SubiacoDental | Subiaco312 Rokeby Road Subiaco WA 60080893882787Go to website
6008Subi Smilemakers DentistDental | SubiacoSuite 37, 180 Rokeby Road Subiaco WA 60080893814788Go to website
6008Subiaco Square DentalDental | Subiaco10 Subiaco Square Road Subiaco WA 60080893812200
6008TX SmilesDental | Subiaco19 Hay Street Subiaco WA 60080861170617
6009Dalkeith DentalDental | DalkeithUnit 16, 81 Waratah Avenue Dalkeith WA 60090893863437Go to website
6010DB Dental ClaremontDental | ClaremontUnit 1, 240 Stirling Hwy Claremont WA 60100892845021Go to website
6011DB Dental CottesloeDental | CottesloeCottesloe Medical Centre, Unit 1, 525 Stirling Hwy Cottesloe WA 60110893847965Go to website
6014My Implant Dentist WembleyDental | Wembley228 Cambridge Street Wembley WA 60140893822222Go to website
6018DB Dental InnalooDental | InnalooInnaloo Shoppers Village, Shop 3, Cnr Scarborough Beach Rd & Ellen Stirling Blvd Innaloo WA 60180892442663Go to website
6019Hastings Dental CentreDental | Scarborough37 Scarborough Beach Rd, Corner Hastings St / Scarborough Beach Rd Scarborough WA 60190893411022
6019My Implant Dentist MaddingtonDental | Maddington1/3 Binley Place Maddington WA 60190894931818Go to website
6020Carine Dental SurgeryDental | Carine56 Almadine Drive Carine WA 6020
6020North Beach Dental SurgeryDental | North BeachUnit 2, 118 Flora Terrace North Beach WA 60200894471514Go to website
6021Amelia St Dental ClinicDental | Balcatta1/210 Amelia Street Balcatta WA 60210893442233Go to website
6021Beyond Smiles Dental ForrestdaleDental | Forrestdale629 Ranford Road Forrestdale WA 602108 9561 6451Go to website
6021Beyond Smiles Dental StirlingDental | StirlingSuite 4/8 Sanderling Street Stirling WA 602108 9344 4719Go to website
6021Cedric Street Dental CentreDental | Stirling4/51 Cedric Street Stirling WA 60210893451233Go to website
6021Comfort Care DentalDental | Balcatta210 Jones Street Balcatta WA 60210893490800Go to website
6024My Implant Dentist WarwickDental | Warwick8A/639 Beach Road Warwick WA 60240894473999Go to website
6024Nunyara Dental CentreDental | Greenwood108 Cockman Road Greenwood WA 60240893427186Go to website
6025DB Dental CraigieDental | Craigie92 Eddystone Ave Craigie WA 60250894024826Go to website
6025Hillarys Dental CareDental | Hillarys33 Green Road Hillarys WA 60250893079981Go to website
6025Whitfords Dental CentreDental | HillarysSuite A5 Ground Floor, 32 Endeavour Road Hillarys WA 60250894011376Go to website
6026Aim Dental Group WoodvaleDental | Woodvale13/923 Whitfords Avenue Woodvale WA 60260894488677Go to website
6026Woodvale Dental SurgeryDental | Woodvale193 Trappers Drive Woodvale WA 60260893092010Go to website
6027Connolly Dental SurgeryDental | ConnollyUnit 4/ 1 Glenelg Place Connolly WA 602708 9300 1122Go to website
6027DB Dental JoondalupDental | JoondalupLakeside City Shopping Centre, 420 Joondalup Drive Joondalup WA 60270893003751Go to website
6027Dentist BictonDental | BictonU1, 6 Fifth Street Bicton WA 602708 93087145
6027Dentistry Plus JoondalupDental | Joondalup2/85 Reid Promenade Joondalup WA 60270893001515Go to website
6027Dentistry Plus KwinanaDental | Kwinana1 Chisham Avenue Kwinana WA 60270892271213Go to website
6027Heathridge Dental CentreDental | HeathridgeUnit 8, 99 Caridean Street Heathridge WA 60270893087145Go to website
6027Joondalup SmilesDental | Joondalup49 Regents Park Road Joondalup WA 602708 6245 1628
6028Arca DentalDental | CurrambineUnit 1, 94 Delamere Avenue Currambine WA 60280893054254Go to website
6028Currambine DentalDental | Currambine10/74 Delamere Avenue Currambine WA 60280893040300Go to website
6028DB Dental CurrambineDental | CurrambineUnit 2, 1 Hobsons Gate Currambine WA 60280893040185Go to website
6028Kinross Drive DentalDental | KinrossUnit 4A, 59 Kinross Drive Kinross WA 60280862016555Go to website
6028PK Dental IlukaDental | IlukaShop 6, 98 O’mara Boulevard Iluka WA 602808 6119 4760Go to website
6028Sunlander Dental CentreDental | Currambine2/10 Sunlander Drive Currambine WA 602808 6200 9060Go to website
6030Brighton Beach DentalDental | MerriwaUnit 1, 22 Hughies Edwards Drive Merriwa WA 60300893051902Go to website
6030Butler Village DentalDental | ButlerUnit 2,3 Marchwood Boulevard Butler WA 60300861884508
6030Keys Dental CentreDental | Clarkson16/61 Keys Largo Drive Clarkson WA 60300894077088Go to website
6030Mindarie Quinns Dental CentreDental | Quinns RocksSuite 3, 10 Mindarie Drive Quinns Rocks WA 60300893059990Go to website
6031Diamond Smiles DentalDental | CarramarShop 17, 7 Cheriton Drive Carramar WA 60310894052225Go to website
6031Grandis DentalDental | Banksia Grove3/2 Boomerang Loop Banksia Grove WA 60310864042899Go to website
6035Beyond Smiles Dental YanchepDental | YanchepUnit 3/105 Lindsay Beach Boulevard Yanchep WA 603508 9561 6451Go to website
6035Yanchep Central DentalDental | YanchepT21, 1 & 2 Peony Boulevard Yanchep WA 60350895611977Go to website
6036Admire DentalDental | ButlerShop 16 Butler Central, 150 Camborne Parkway Butler WA 60360895625866Go to website
6036Butler DentalDental | ButlerUnit 6, 2 Captiva Approach Butler WA 60360895627699Go to website
6036DB Dental BrightonDental | JindaleeUnit 5, 2359 Marmion Ave Jindalee WA 60360895625898Go to website
6037Two Rocks Dental CareDental | Two Rocks6 Constellation Entrance Two Rocks WA 60370895029040
6038Alkimos Beach Dental CentreDental | AlkimosSuite 8, 15 Graceful Boulevard Alkimos WA 60380895029901Go to website
6038Alkimos Dental CentreDental | Alkimos2/3 Bulwark Avenue Alkimos WA 60380895631500Go to website
6038Trinity Village DentalDental | Alkimos12 Longstaff Ave Alkimos WA 60380424335453
6050Ark Dental SurgeryDental | Menora318 Walcott Street Menora WA 60500893445522
6050Beyond Smiles Dental Mt LawleyDental | Coolbinia394 Walcott Street, Coolbinia Coolbinia WA 60500894447952Go to website
6050Mount Lawley SmilesDental | Mount Lawley21 Vincent Street Mount Lawley WA 60500863715060Go to website
6050Third Avenue Dental CentreDental | Mount Lawley781 Beaufort Street Mount Lawley WA 60500893704965Go to website
6051Maylands Dental CentreDental | Maylands185 Guildford Road Maylands WA 60510893705464Go to website
6052AL DentalDental | Inglewood822 Beaufort Street Inglewood WA 60520892719911Go to website
6052Strand Dental CentreDental | Bedford130 Walter Road Bedford WA 60520892766900Go to website
6054Dental CircleDental | BassendeanShop 30, Hawaiian's Bassendean Shopping Centre 2 West Road Bassendean WA 60540893793818Go to website
6054Spring Orchid DentalDental | Bassendean6/85 Walter Road East Bassendean WA 605408 6155 8999
6055Guildford DentalDental | South Guildford6/9 Waterhall Road South Guildford WA 605508 6104 0370
6056Avenue 9 DentalDental | Midland18 Stafford Street Midland WA 60560892506633Go to website
6056Dental SenseDental | Midland2 Mellar Court Midland WA 60560892508844Go to website
6056Dr Teeth Dental CareDental | MidlandShop T16, Midland Gate Shopping Centre, 274 Great Eastern Highway Midland WA 60560861157020Go to website
6056Helena Valley Dental CareDental | Helena ValleyUnit 4, 164 Scott Street Helena Valley WA 60560892552000Go to website
6056Midland Dental CentreDental | Midland2 Old Great Northern Highway Midland WA 60560892744195Go to website
6056Midland Dental HubDental | Midland10/401 Great Eastern Highway Midland WA 60560861170616
6056My Midland DentistDental | Midland18 Stafford Street Midland WA 60560892502315Go to website
6059Alexander Drive Dental ClinicDental | Dianella124 Alexander Drive Dianella WA 60590865003507Go to website
6059Woodvale Park DentalDental | WoodvaleSuite 1, Woodvale Park Medical Centre, 3 Trappers Drive Woodvale WA 605908 9309 2339
6060Maven Dental YokineDental | Yokine212 Flinders Street Yokine WA 60600893496686Go to website
6060Tuart Hill Dental CentreDental | Tuart Hill67 Wanneroo Rd Tuart Hill WA 60600893493006Go to website
6060Yokine Smiles DentalDental | YokineShop 21, Dog Swamp Shopping Centre, 6 Wanneroo Road Yokine WA 60600894449444Go to website
6061Dental VisionDental | Mirrabooka3 Brewer Place Mirrabooka WA 60610893448366Go to website
6062Galleria Dental CentreDental | MorleySuite 4, 312 Walter Road W Morley WA 60620893753739Go to website
6063Altone Dental CentreDental | Beechboro2 Hull Way Beechboro WA 60630893451233Go to website
6064Highclere Dental CentreDental | Marangaroo55 Highclere Boulevard Marangaroo WA 60640893439777Go to website
6064The Walk-In Dental CentreDental | Marangaroo4/52 Highclere Boulevard Marangaroo WA 60640861616405Go to website
6065AV DentalDental | WannerooUnit 1/11 Conlan Avenue Wanneroo WA 60650894052758Go to website
6065Classic Dental CentreDental | LandsdaleShop 6, 127 The Broadview, Landsdale Forum Shopping Centre Landsdale WA 60650863050299Go to website
6065Darch Dental CentreDental | DarchShop 17, 225 Kingsway Darch WA 60650893039770Go to website
6065Hocking Dental CareDental | Wanneroo92 Greenfields Circle Wanneroo WA 60650893062755Go to website
6065Mia Dental CentreDental | Wanneroo13/1397 Wanneroo Road Wanneroo WA 60650892060058Go to website
6065Pearsall Dental CentreDental | PearsallSuite 4/155 Willespie Drive Pearsall WA 60650894056379Go to website
6065Smilemakers MadeleyDental | MadelySuite 3A, 210 Wanneroo Road Madely WA 60650893094977Go to website
6069Aveley DentalDental | AveleyShop C1, 311 Millhouse Road Aveley WA 606908 6246 0144
6069Coolamon Dental CentreDental | Ellenbrook56A Mornington Parkway Ellenbrook WA 60690892969970Go to website
6069DB Dental EllenbrookDental | AveleyUnit 3, 1549 Gnangara Road Aveley WA 60690892973577Go to website
6069Elleenbrook Dental ClinicDental | Ellenbrook14 Main Street Ellenbrook WA 60690292971117
6069WA DentalDental | Ellenbrook3/150 Coolamon Boulevard Ellenbrook WA 60690892974663Go to website
6071Glen Forrest DentalcareDental | Glen Forrest4 Hardey Rd Glen Forrest WA 60710892988187Go to website
6073Mundaring Dental CentreDental | Mundaring7/5 Nichol Street Mundaring WA 60730892952577Go to website
6076Avalon Dental CareDental | KalamundaShop 1, Central Court Shopping Centre, Central Road Kalamunda WA 60760862931733Go to website
6076Crystal Brook Dental Health CentreDental | Lesmurdie34 Marri Crescent Lesmurdie WA 60760892919199Go to website
6076Hills Family Dental CentreDental | Kalamunda11 Railway Road Kalamunda WA 60760892931300Go to website
6076Kalamunda Dental CareDental | Kalamunda53 Canning Road Kalamunda WA 60760892932644Go to website
6076My Affordable Dentist - LesmurdieDental | Lesmurdie180 Grove Road Lesmurdie WA 60760862441717Go to website
6076Terzi DentalDental | Kalamunda51 Canning Road Kalamunda WA 60760863232979Go to website
6084Bullsbrook Dental CentreDental | Bullsbrook49 Kimberley Street Bullsbrook WA 608408 9520 0313Go to website
6090Malaga Dental ClinicDental | MalagaSuite E, 1/8 Exchange Road Malaga WA 60900892091355
6101Dental GigiDental | Victoria Park931 Albany Highway East Victoria Park WA 61010402836990
6102Bentley Dental ClinicDental | Bentley1098 Albany Highway Bentley WA 61020893562644Go to website
6102Bentley Plaza Dental ClinicDental | BentleyFS6B 1140 Albany Highway Bentley WA 61020894663600Go to website
6103[email protected]Dental | Rivervale109 Orrong Road Rivervale WA 61030893612796
6103eDental PerthDental | Rivervale14/49 Great Eastern Highway Rivervale WA 61030893611728Go to website
6104Epsom Dental CareDental | BelmontShop 5, 132 Epsom Avenue Belmont WA 61040894782349Go to website
6105Ascot Dental CareDental | Cloverdale305 Abernethy Road Cloverdale WA 61050894793335Go to website
6107A to Z DentalDental | Cannington25/53 Cecil Ave Cannington WA 61070894511200Go to website
6107Cannington Dental CentreDental | CanningtonUnit 2/1341 Albany Highway Cannington WA 61070894588646Go to website
6107Go Smiles Dental StudioDental | CanningtonWestfield Carousel Shopping CE, Shop 1050, 1382 Albany Highway Cannington WA 6107
6108Dental AnnexDental | ThornlieShop 44 Thornlie Square Shopping Centre, Cnr Spencer Rd & Thornlie Ave Thornlie WA 61080894590003Go to website
6109Aim Dental Group MaddingtonDental | Maddington5/74 Attfield Street Maddington WA 61090894934637Go to website
6109Clear Choice Dental MaddingtonDental | Maddington3/1909 Albany Highway Maddington WA 61090894528877Go to website
6109Dentistry Plus MaddingtonDental | Maddington9 Blackburn Street Maddington WA 61090894599299Go to website
6110Ashburton Dental CentreDental | GosnellsUnit 9, 62 Ashburton Drive Gosnells WA 611008 9490 8777Go to website
6110Go Dental SurgeryDental | Gosnells2199 Albany Highway Gosnells WA 61100893981427Go to website
6110Gosnells Dental CentreDental | Gosnells2/16 Fremantle Road Gosnells WA 611008) 9399 2037Go to website
6110Maven Dental GosnellsDental | Gosnells2364 Albany Highway Gosnells WA 61100893982808Go to website
6110Mills Road Dental CentreDental | Gosnells125 Mills Road West Gosnells WA 61100893983930Go to website
6112Byford SmilesDental | ByfordShop 16, 34 Abernethy Road Byford WA 61120895320246
6112Champion Family DentalDental | Armadale3 Champion Drive Armadale WA 61120894972588Go to website
6112Elysian DentalDental | ArmadaleShop 67, Armadale Shopping City, 206 Jull Street Armadale WA 6112086396 2116Go to website
6112PK DentalDental | Harrisdale120 Yellowwood Avenue Harrisdale WA 61120861689200Go to website
6122Beenyup Dental CentreDental | Byford826 Southwest Highway Byford WA 61220895262225Go to website
6122Jupiter Dental Clinic - ByfordDental | Byford155 Mead Street Byford WA 61220895264100Go to website
6147Langford DentalDental | Langford24/58 Langford Avenue Langford WA 6147
6148One Dental RossmoyneDental | Rossmoyne84 Wilber Street Rossmoyne WA 61480893542000Go to website
6149Dentistry Plus LeemingDental | Leeming62 Farrington Road Leeming WA 61490893322020Go to website
6150Fremantle Smiles Dental CentreDental | Fremantle118A Wray Avenue Fremantle WA 61500893366157Go to website
6150Winthrop Village Dental CentreDental | WinthropShop 22 Winthrop Village Shopping Centre, 131 Somerville Boulevard Winthrop WA 6150Go to website
6151Acts Dental CareDental | South Perth150 Douglas Avenue South Perth WA 61510894745083
6151South Perth Dental ExcellenceDental | South Perth31 Canning Highway South Perth WA 61510893674760Go to website
6152[email protected]Dental | ManningSuite 11, Level 1, 10 Conochie Crescent Manning WA 61520861161700Go to website
6152Exemplar Dental SurgeryDental | Como2/2 Downey Drive Como WA 61520891069195Go to website
6153DB Dental Applecross (Cnr Sleat Rd)Dental | Applecross884 Canning Hwy Applecross WA 61530893152721Go to website
6153DB Dental Applecross (Riseley St)Dental | Applecross764 Canning Highway Applecross WA 61530893645546Go to website
6153Dental Implant PlacementsDental | Brentwood79 Moolyeen Road Brentwood WA 61530434998258Go to website
6154Booragoon Family Dental CentreDental | BooragoonG08/09 150-152 Riseley Street Booragoon WA 61540862442288Go to website
6154Maven Dental BooragoonDental | BooragoonGateway Building, 1/15 Andrea Lane Booragoon WA 61540893163622Go to website
6154Myaree Dental and Professional CentreDental | MyareeGround Floor, 84 North Lake Road Myaree WA 61540893307115Go to website
6154Riseley Street DentalDental | Booragoon178 Riseley Street Booragoon WA 61540893162304
6155Dentist WADental | Canning ValeSuite 1-2, 2 Queensgate Drive Canning Vale WA 61550894554565Go to website
6155Dentists @ Canning ValeDental | Canning Vale8/3 South Street Canning Vale WA 61550892562588Go to website
6155Genesis DentalDental | Canning Vale5/ 288 Amherst Road Canning Vale WA 61550894555636Go to website
6155Nicholson Road Dental Centre Canna DriveDental | Canning Vale164 Canna Drive Canning Vale WA 615508 62542840Go to website
6155Nicholson Road Dental Vostan Road CentreDental | Canning ValeUnit 5/11 Vostan Road Canning Vale WA 615508 62542840Go to website
6155Ranford Road Dental CentreDental | Canning Vale214 Campbell Road Canning Vale WA 61550894557388Go to website
6155Vale Dental CentreDental | Canning Vale22 Blenheim Road Canning Vale WA 61550894555880Go to website
6156Polar DentalDental | Alfred Cove557 Canning Highway Alfred Cove WA 615608 6333 8009Go to website
6157Bicton Dental ClinicDental | Bicton40 Foss St Bicton WA 61570893398008
6157DB Dental MelvilleDental | BictonPoint Walter Medical Centre, 322 Canning Hwy Bicton WA 61570893397950Go to website
6157Happy Teeth Dental PalmyraDental | Palmyra25/57 Carrington Street Palmyra WA 615708 61560580Go to website
6157Palmyra Family DentalDental | Palmyra261 Stock Road Palmyra WA 61570893303030Go to website
6159DB Dental North FremantleDental | North FremantleUnit 20, 2 Pensioner Guard Road, Cnr Tydeman & Pensioner Guard Rds North Fremantle WA 61590894323409Go to website
6160Fremantle Dental CareDental | Fremantle68 Elder Place Fremantle WA 61600893352691Go to website
6160Western Dental FremantleDental | Fremantle15 Adelaide Street Fremantle WA 61600893359166
6162Freo DentalDental | FremantleStreet 1/19 Douro Road Fremantle WA 61620893366588Go to website
6162South Fremantle Family DentalDental | South FremantleShop 8B, 219 Hampton Road South Fremantle WA 61620893357643Go to website
6163All in One DentalDental | Spearwood3/218 Rockingham Road Spearwood WA 61630894941223Go to website
6163Beyond Smiles Dental KardinyaDental | Kardinya15/17 – 23 South Street Kardinya WA 616308 9337 1177Go to website
6163DB Dental SpearwoodDental | Spearwood6 Barrington Street Spearwood WA 61630894185565Go to website
6163Phoenix Road Dental SurgeryDental | SpearwoodUnit 4, 223 Rockingham Road Spearwood WA 61630894341235
6163Spearwood Dental CentreDental | Hamilton Hill161 Rockingham Rd Hamilton Hill WA 6163(07) 3852 2882Go to website
6164Atwell SmilesDental | Atwell6/129 Lydon Boulevard Atwell WA 61640861923249Go to website
6164Beeliar Dental CareDental | Beeliar6/8 Durnin Avenue Beeliar WA 61640894375999Go to website
6164Beyond Smiles Dental CockburnDental | Cockburn5/19 Junction Boulevard Cockburn WA 616408 6245 1627
6164DB Dental South LakeDental | South Lake1-5 Berrigan Drive, Cnr North Lake Rd South Lake WA 61640894177999Go to website
6164Glo DentalDental | Cockburn Central8W/817 Beeliar Drive Cockburn Central WA 61640894147255Go to website
6164Glo Dental BeeliarDental | Yangebup5/283 Beeliar Drive Yangebup WA 61640894147255Go to website
6164Smile PlannersDental | Aubin Grove198 Lyon Road Aubin Grove WA 616408 64987020Go to website
6164Yangebup Dental CentreDental | Yangebup6/31 Moorhen Drive Yangebup WA 61640894179888Go to website
6167Beyond Smiles Dental BertramDental | Bertram4 Hero Crescent Bertram WA 616708 9419 5417Go to website
6168DB Dental RockinghamDental | RockinghamWoodbridge Shopping Centre, 2-4 Elanora Drive Rockingham WA 61680895928932Go to website
6169PK Dental WaikikiDental | WaikikiShop 23, Waikiki Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Read & Gnangara Drive Waikiki WA 61690895276299
6170Ivory Dental CareDental | Wellard20 Ivory Way Wellard WA 617008 6118 6568Go to website
6170Wellard Village DentalDental | Wellard18B Runnymede Gate Wellard WA 61700894191911Go to website
6171Baldivis Family Dental CareDental | BaldivisUnit 5/7 Minden Lane Baldivis WA 61710895242300Go to website
6171DB Dental BaldivisDental | BaldivisStockland Baldivis Shopping Centre, Shop 21, Lot 26, Safety Bay Road Baldivis WA 61710895242653Go to website
6171[email protected]Dental | Baldivis4/52 Goulburn Road Baldivis WA 617108 9500 7612Go to website
6171QVC Dental BaldivisDental | BaldivisUnit 16 & 17, 16 Makybe Drive Baldivis WA 6171086555 4900Go to website
6172Warnbro Sound DentalDental | Port Kennedy1/371 Warnbro Sound Road Port Kennedy WA 61720895245056Go to website
6174Golden Bay Dental ClinicDental | Golden Bay2/3 Yuin Street Golden Bay WA 61740862441793Go to website
6180Lakelands Family DentalDental | LakelandsShop 18, 49 Banksiadale Gate Lakelands WA 61800863718949Go to website
6208All Dental PinjarraDental | Pinjarra39 Mclarty Road Pinjarra WA 62080865556503Go to website
6210Comfy Dental MandurahDental | Halls Head7/4 Guava Way Halls Head WA 62100895828687Go to website
6210DB Dental MandurahDental | MandurahShop 3, 319 Pinjarra Road Mandurah WA 62100895347285Go to website
6210My Affordable Dentist - MandurahDental | Mandurah36A Peel Street Mandurah WA 62100895201002Go to website
6210Opulent DentalDental | Falcon26 Littleton Street Falcon WA 62100895343159Go to website
6210Peel Family DentalDental | Mandurah4 Sutton Street Mandurah WA 62100895356220
6210Silver Sands Family Dental CareDental | Mandurah116B Anstruther Rd Mandurah WA 62100895351099
6210WA Smiles Dental StudioDental | Meadowsprings3/7 Formby Road Meadowsprings WA 621008 9584 2749Go to website
6220Harvey Dental SurgeryDental | Harvey40 Uduc Road Harvey WA 62200897291201Go to website
6225Dental on ThrossellDental | Collie130 Throssell Street Collie WA 622508 9734 1880
6230Dentistry On MarlstonDental | BunburyUnit 3, 26 Carey St Bunbury WA 62300897912270Go to website
6230Doyles Bunbury DentalDental | Bunbury33 Spencer Street Bunbury WA 623008 9721 2045
6233Australind Family DentistryDental | AustralindUnit 1/ 12 Leisure Drive Australind WA 62330897258005
6280Maven Dental BusseltonDental | Busselton27 Adelaide Street Busselton WA 62800897521311Go to website
6302York Dental SurgeryDental | York6 Howick Street York WA 630208 9641 2925
6350Durlacher Dental CareDental | Geraldton141 Durlacher Street Geraldton WA 63500899645005
6401Northam Dental SurgeryDental | Northam177 Fitzgerald Street Northam WA 64010896221801
6415Aim Dental Group MerredinDental | Merredin42 Barrack Street Merredin WA 64150890411735Go to website
6430GMF Dental CentreDental | KalgoorlieSuite 7, 130 Egan Street Kalgoorlie WA 64300890914000Go to website
6430Goldfields Family DentalDental | Kalgoorlie83 Maritana Street Kalgoorlie WA 64300890003514Go to website
6430Smile Dental ClinicDental | KalgoorlieSuite 7, 84-90 Brookman Street Kalgoorlie WA 64300890227199
6502Bindoon Dental SurgeryDental | BindoonA/27 Binda Place Bindoon WA 650208 9576 0587
6516Jurien Bay DentalDental | Jurien Bay21 Whitfield Road Jurien Bay WA 651608 9652 1288
6701Carnarvon Dental SurgeryDental | CarnarvonLevel 1 Unit 1/2, 14 Robinson Street Carnarvon WA 670108 9941 1882
7000Dr Tai Dental ClinicDental | Hobart77 Collins Street Hobart TAS 70000362346088Go to website
7010Dental on MainDental | Glenorchy355 Main Road Glenorchy TAS 701003 6273 1377Go to website
7015East Derwent DentalDental | Lindisfarne21 Franklin Street Lindisfarne TAS 701503 6243 9128
7250Brisbane Street DentalDental | Launceston38A Brisbane Street Launceston TAS 72500363314526Go to website
7250Dr Daniel Tan & AssociatesDental | East Launceston3 High Street East Launceston TAS 72500363312804Go to website
7301Longford Smileco DentalDental | Longford4A/7A Wellington Street Longford TAS 7301036388 8198Go to website
820Hyalite Dental SurgeryDental | LarrakeyahUnit 3, 9 Houston St Larrakeyah NT 8200889415200