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There are different types of health insurers in Australia: restricted funds which are usually industry based, or funds that focus on the retail market. And then there’s specialist corporate health insurers like GU Health. We're focused solely on providing innovative health insurance products and services to businesses.

At GU Health, corporate health insurance is not just something else we do; it’s all we do. Unlike retail health funds we understand that no two businesses are alike — that’s why your corporate health insurance plan should be unique to your business.

Servicing over 300 companies, we apply our expert private health insurance knowledge so that you’re not forced into a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with you to ensure your company’s health plan will be tailored to your industry, budget, payroll structures and employee profile.

Lost productivity in the workplace has been estimated to cost businesses around $6.4 billion a year1 and is attributable to factors such as obesity or attending work when sick. There’s no doubt that investing in employee health and wellbeing can make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

Be assured that the value of an expert provider will be noticed by your employees, with 97 per cent2 of our members indicating they appreciate their employer’s support for their health insurance. Four out of five also say private health insurance as an employee benefit would influence their choice when deciding on a future employer.2

Partnering with GU Health will ensure you get more from the investment in your most important resource — your people. GU Health can work with you to tailor a solution that'll make a tangible difference to employee engagement and productivity.

Claiming made easy with the GU Health App

Your employees can easily keep track of their cover with the GU Health App. Members can also make a claim, explore Rewards and more.

The best health insurance solution for corporates

  • By combining our expert knowledge and your unique needs, we’re confident we can build a tailored solution that suits your business.
  • Our service levels are well regarded by our members and clients and we strive to continue to provide the highest quality business-to-business and business-to-consumer services.
  • Our focus and understanding of corporate sector requirements enables us to consistently provide sustainable premium increases.

If your organisation would like to know more about offering health insurance to your employees, please email us on [email protected]

Innovative health solutions

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GU Health knows what’s important to your employees and can guide you through the essential services that can assist them to maintain their health and wellbeing.

In fact, by signing up to GU Health’s online wellness portal, your employees will receive personalised health information and recommendations. This will assist them to better manage their health, improving productivity within your business.

GU Health is capable of providing you with health and wellness data and reports on your corporate health plan showing you how your investment is making a difference. We can also provide you with information that will enable you to develop targeted wellness solutions to combat issues affecting your staff.

Guaranteed superior service

Account managers

Our service processes and standards have been created specifically with the needs of corporate members and their organisations in mind. To guarantee standards, we commit to service level agreements.

We offer you:

  • a dedicated free call 1800 number.
  • a dedicated Senior Client Adviser to assist with all aspects of the plan’s administration, communication and marketing.
  • access to GU Health’s marketing team for the production of communication materials and planning of marketing activities to raise awareness of the plan and other benefits.
  • a reconciliation consultant to assist with the management of accounts.
  • a dedicated email address to ensure HR enquiries are handled efficiently.
  • dual-branded online portals for both members and HR, allowing members to manage their personal plans and HR to manage their company’s health cover set up.
  • dual-branded member booklets customised to your company’s chosen health plan offering. Marketing materials and member cards are also tailored to your group.

Many of our multinational clients also have stringent service and security requirements for their providers, and we are committed to maintaining a compliant information security management system through ISO27001 certification.

We apply our expertise to tailor to you

Workers onsite

As experts in corporate health, we design products to suit your specific industry and business model. At GU Health, we understand what is required to make a business-to-business service run smoothly. That’s why we’re always pushing the boundaries and seeking ways to improve the GU Health client and member experience. We service over 300 clients across mining and resources, IT and telecommunication, FMCG, audit, construction, finance, and more.

Our innovatively designed and versatile SplitPay solution enables your company to contain costs, while allowing employees access to comprehensive cover options. SplitPay is so advanced that you have the flexibility to create a partially-subsidised private health insurance plan that both you and your employees can contribute to. SplitPay also helps relieve the administrative burden placed on your payroll department.

In addition, GU Health is the only Australian health fund offering a streamlined non-resident RHCA health cover designed to ensure your non-resident staff can apply for exemption from the Medicare Levy Surcharge without the need to purchase additional cover components.


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