Corporate wellness

As a specialised corporate health fund, GU Health understands the power of a healthy workforce.

Studies show that a well-implemented corporate wellness program can not only improve the health status of employees but may also impact on employee productivity.1

Supporting employee wellbeing can result in increased employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to reduced absenteeism.2,3 A healthy workplace also encourages greater health awareness and knowledge, physical health and mental wellbeing, morale and job satisfaction among employees.

As a healthy employee is better able to enjoy life, both at home and at work4, a corporate wellness program may result in the attraction and retention of employees. As a result, this can enhance an organisation’s corporate image and make a significant contribution to its human resources strategy.4

As an extension of our commitment to the wellbeing of your employees and your business through our exceptional products, we provide the following programs:

Company wellness resources

At GU Health, we understand the importance of keeping healthy employees. Here you'll find resources designed to assist you in developing a corporate wellness program that works for your company. If you require any further support or would like to know more about how GU Health can help you in this space, please contact your GU Health Senior Client Advisor.

Well with GU Health app

Make your health a priority and start your wellness journey today.

There’s more to a healthy lifestyle than just counting steps. That’s why the Well with GU Health App empowers you to take positive steps to improve your mood, diet, sleep, fitness and more. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with Well Rewards along the way to recognise the positive changes you’re making to your wellbeing!

Find out more.

Chronic disease management programs

Blood pressure testing

Our chronic disease management programs can make a real difference in the lives of employees suffering from, or at risk of, chronic disease.

The programs we run in partnership with Remedy Healthcare, are conducted over the phone by qualified health professionals and adopt an active approach to employee health management.

The programs offered include:

  • The Risk Factor Management Program
  • The Diabetes Action Program
  • The Healthy Heart Program
  • The Vascular Health Program

These programs range in duration from 10 weeks to six months and they aim to work closely with the member’s usual team of healthcare practitioners, assisting them to:

  • understand their condition and address their queries
  • achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • work more effectively with their existing medical providers
  • manage their medications
  • achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • follow a healthy eating plan
  • safely increase their daily activity and exercise levels
  • manage the stress which can often accompany a condition or event
  • quit smoking.

Home support services and programs

Man with broken foot

This support program provides members with the option to leave hospital early after an admission, enabling them to recover from their procedure in the comfort, familiarity and privacy of their own home.

If deemed appropriate by a treating doctor, registered practitioners will visit a member’s home to provide the following services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • General and specialist nursing
  • Personal care attendance
  • Home help
  • Maternity nursing care
  • Medical equipment hire

Home support services and programs is designed to assist with the transition from the hospital back to the home and enable members to benefit from the positive healing power of the home environment.


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