Your Membership Guidelines

This guide is a summary of GU Health’s fund rules and policies. It outlines your membership entitlements and responsibilities, including the terms and conditions of your cover.

Read this guide carefully in conjunction with Your Cover at a Glance, Your Plan Information and Your GU Health Welcome Book, and keep a copy for your records. The information contained within this document is current from the publication date and is subject to change.

If you’re planning a treatment for which you anticipate a benefit from GU Health, contact us in advance to confirm your benefit entitlement.

For further information about your GU Health cover or any queries relating to this document, please contact your GU Health Member Relations Team on 1800 249 966 or you can email us at [email protected].

GU Health is a signatory to the Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct. For details go to

You can download your copy of Your Membership Guidelines here.